I have always wondered why does MLB Shop sell this:

Baltimore Orioles Basic Kelly Green 59FIFTY Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

I’ve always thought that St. Patrick’s day gear were odd. Would you want to have something which I doubt the O’s will ever actually wear. Or this:

Baltimore Orioles Authentic Alternate Performance 59FIFTY On-Field Cap - MLB.com Shop

Or to get nostalgic this:                         Baltimore Orioles 1966-74 Cooperstown Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop 


I’ve seen a lot of red Sox fans wearing stuff like this:

Boston Red Sox Basic Kelly Green 59FIFTY Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

Why does anyone wear this? Or this:



Boston Red Sox Basic Blue 59FIFTY Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

It looks a Brooklyn Dodgers hat! Now I can understand pink hats but this stuff is waay odd. I ask why does anybody want to wear this stuff. Speaking of old time baseball why not wear one of these:


Boston Red Sox 1931 Home Cooperstown Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

My point is there are better hats then St. Patty’s Day hats.


The Ken won again. Today’s question you actually have to put some work into it. Name 6 guys for a food beverages team. I’ll get you started: Cookie Rojas.

Pic Crdits: MLB Shop



  1. Lissi

    Coco Crisp, Darryl Strawberry, Barry (spelled wrong) Bonds, Bob Lemon, Pie Traynor, and Dizzy Trout. That is a really gross meal.
    I like the green Boston hats because Boston is an Irish place but other places have no business with green hats. Pink hats are always a good choice though.

  2. bigpapi72

    Lets see Coco Crisp, Darryl Strawberry, Bob Lemon, Pie Traynor, Dizzy Trout, Peaches Davis, Chili Davis, Zack Wheat, Chet Lemon, Sam Rice, Kevin Bass, Catfish Hunter, and would Dusty Baker count? And I hate that blue hat too.

    Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

  3. Jane Heller

    Wow. People are so good at these trivia questions and I’m not. But I’m getting a kick out of the answers above. Pie Traynor. LOL. Perfect. As for the caps, I’m a traditionalist so I like the plain old one for each team. The Yankees just added yet another commemorative patch to this year’s cap, for the new Stadium. I’ll keep wearing my same old one.


  4. Elizabeth D

    The green hat for Boston is for the Irish. Tons of Bostonians are Irish. I’m actually Irish, and my Dad’s side of the family lives in New England. That’s why I’m a Sox fan :). Nice old time Oriole hat. I’d really like to visit Camden Yards!

  5. Orangebird

    melissa and julia- When I posted this I didn’t know Boston was that irish. And for Julia- if your doing it for another team then how come there aren’t any purple orioles stuff
    Bob- I second I hatred.
    Jane- I alos like to wear the on-field authentic stuff
    Elizibeth- Visit the yard it’s a popular Red Sox attraction and that isn’t necciserily a godd thing.
    pagevalnet- http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1890619&cp=1895815.1902046.1169016
    That’s what your lokking for.
    There are tow more answers whioch my dad will most likely think of.

  6. ztaknek

    I personally hate the green hats for any team other than the A’s. I also don’t like the hats that come in colors and patterns to match your “outfit.”

    Any retro hat is cool.

    By the way I see a lot of DC hats where I work, but I’m pretty sure that the guys wearing the hats aren’t Nats fans but are making a statement of where they are from.

  7. xcicix

    I bet they wear the green hats on actual St. Patrick’s day. Like the July 4th hats. I coordinate my outfits to match my hat…my hat is black with a purple, gold, and green logo. I wear black-and-purple sneakers, green tights, black skirt, black shirt, purple sweatshirt, gold eyeshadow. And it’s the real team colors, too! I don’t get why you’d want your Red Sox hat to look like Their hat, but whatever. People are strange.

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