WBC Thoughts and Observations

Netherlands vs. DR

  • How about Sidney Ponson, I never knew he was Dutch did you?!?
  • The Dutch like orange both their baseball and football (you know which one) teams wear it.
  • Two ex-Orioles playing who I don’t want back: Tejada and Ponson.
  • Where was Vlad Guerero?
  • The Dutch won with one small ball inning.
  • The  DR has trouble with Orange teams us and the Dutch.
  • Pedro looked good, somebody sign him!

US vs. Canada

  • The hockey fans must also like baseball, that place sounded like a hockey rink.
  • It’s ironic the US was the home team in Canada!
  • I never knew Russell Martin was Candian!

Panama vs. Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico has some good catchers: Pudge, the Molinas, and Soto.
  • Sign of Armagedon: Pudge stole a base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did anybody notice that Puerto Rico actually had ads on their uniform!
  • The San Juan stadium as well as the other stadiums have green screens behind home plate for ads.
  • Mo Rivera is there for Panama as a cheerleader! Play him!

Pool A

  • Due to the fact that all the games were in the morning I can not observe for a specific game.
  • Most of the countries in this pool don’t like each other, Japan and China are best friends and so are Chinese Taipi and China.
  • What happened to those Chinese Taipi little league teams, were have those 12 year olds gone?
  • Breakfast and Baseball is awesome!

USA vs. Venezula

  • The US should of made a bet with Venezula if the US wins they get free oil!
  • I didn’t know Melvin Mora was Venezulaen.




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