I Need To Rant

There’s something that’s turned Orangebird from this


cartoon bird.gif to this!boyds.gif

Now I will gives you one hint, Bob, Julia, and Elizabeth are all proud citizens!

Boston Red Sox (Redsox Nation Logo) Sports Poster Print - 22

That’s right Red Sox Nation is what I need to rant about. And specifaly the fact that they overtake Camden Yards. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THE FANS BEING SUPPORTIVE but it just makes me haywire. This angers since he remebers when Memorial Stadium was never called Fenway South or Fenway Park at Camden Yards. It’s despicable that there are more Sox fans then O’s fans in our own park!


despicable.jpg image by thenflchick

 This needs to stop, andd here’s how, we put a better team on the field. And right now we’re doing that.

It’s time make a Camden Yards a hostile enviroment like Memorial Stadium was, we need to show up and give our team support. I can’t stand any more Fenway Park South and it needs to end now. We can’t let red Sox Nation invade Birdland!

I’ve been ok with this the last couple years but now I’m getting sick of it!  



  1. jewsonfirst and http://brooksrobinsonrules.mlblogs.com/

    AMEN!!! Thankfully we won’t be there to see all the replica T-shirts and green hats!!! Since when is green part of the Red Sox logo???

  2. juliasrants

    Since Boston is the City of the Irish and the Boston Celtics! lol! And sorry – but if the O’s fans don’t come out and support the team then Red Sox Nation is glad to buy the tickets! It happened when we were in Atlanta over the weekend. They sold out their stadium when we were in town, but not when the Yankees were in town. Red Sox Nation is alive and well across the country – you have a lot of fans who have moved there and a lot of fans who take vacation to go and see the team play around the country.


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