Lats night Ian was roobed of his rightful place an An All-Star, instead he part of the final vote. Just a week or so ago he was leading but now all the sudden he’s not guranteed a spot on the roster.



HOW CAN JOE MADDON NOT PUT HIM ON THE TEAM???? Instead he goes with Ben Zobrist???? Ian is much better then Ben Zorbist no doubt about it.  

So please vote for Ian. 




    Just shows that the All-Star game is too much of a popularity contest. I also think the manager gets a little too much power. Of course they are going to select one of their own guys even if there are better players out there.

  2. jewsonfirst and

    Vote for Ian. Check out my blog for a rant about him!!!

  3. metmainman

    I think Ian Kinsler is a lock for the Final Vote in the AL. As for the NL, I think it is between Shane Victorino and Pablo Sandoval. It doesn’t matter though because whoever doesn’t make it will get to replace Carlos Beltran.

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