About Orangebird

I’m Orangebird. I am G/T smart in school and
know more about baseball then any of my classmates. I love
chocolate milk. I sometimes think out loud. I don’t play
little league since when they started kid pitch everthing
looked like a ball. I’ve had season tickets since I was a
baby. I don’t reaaly have an how I became a fan story, My dad
and his dad were O’s fans so that made me an O’s fan. I like
doing things like photoshop stuff, and I’m convinced that my
blog is the only Orioles blog on the network. I don’t like
Yankees and the sorta dislike the Nats. However through a
long series of events my dad won a free PS2 from them. When I
grow up the want to have job envolving sports preferably
Journalist or Broadcaster.


Baseball, MLB 08/09 The Show, Madden, All
other sports, alll other sports video games watching ESPN,
the History Channel and the Discovery