Brad Bergesen, The Kid No One Knows About

Meet Brad Bergesen. Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles. 6′ 2″ 125 pounds. But theres so much more that most people don’t know about him.

Right now Brad is the Orioles ace and among the most promising pitchers in all of the majors. Yesterday most of Red Sox Nation got aquainted to him. However because of the Sox’s comeback no one was talking about him. And this makes me angry.



No one realized how good he was. He’s going to be a kid people will be talking about. If he was playing for a big market team he’d be a household name. But since he plays for The O’s no one is talking about him.

He is the pitching equvilant of

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He won the Jim Palmer award for the best pitcher in the Orioles system. In fact I’ve heard him compared to


Jim Palmer compared him to Mark Fidrych, not a bad comparison!!!!!

He can handle the big boys he had a great outing yesterday against the Sox. He allowed one run against the Nats

Washington Nationals

and the Mariners

Seattle Mariners

and two against Detriot

Detroit Tigers

and three against the South Siders

Chicago White Sox

He will be a name your going to be hearing for a long time.



I Need To Rant

There’s something that’s turned Orangebird from this


cartoon bird.gif to this!boyds.gif

Now I will gives you one hint, Bob, Julia, and Elizabeth are all proud citizens!

Boston Red Sox (Redsox Nation Logo) Sports Poster Print - 22

That’s right Red Sox Nation is what I need to rant about. And specifaly the fact that they overtake Camden Yards. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THE FANS BEING SUPPORTIVE but it just makes me haywire. This angers since he remebers when Memorial Stadium was never called Fenway South or Fenway Park at Camden Yards. It’s despicable that there are more Sox fans then O’s fans in our own park!


despicable.jpg image by thenflchick

 This needs to stop, andd here’s how, we put a better team on the field. And right now we’re doing that.

It’s time make a Camden Yards a hostile enviroment like Memorial Stadium was, we need to show up and give our team support. I can’t stand any more Fenway Park South and it needs to end now. We can’t let red Sox Nation invade Birdland!

I’ve been ok with this the last couple years but now I’m getting sick of it!  

This Is Going To Be Fun!

Game two of the Battle of the Beltways begins tonight! Woo Hoo, we get beat the Nats for fun!

Now what exactly makes this game so fun?

There’s actually four reasons!

#1- Free Nick Markakis jerseys!

That’s right free Nick Markakis jerseys


Baltimore Orioles Authentic Personalized 2009 Road Cool Base Jersey - Shop

Only the one they are giving out are the black BP ones! Awesome

#2- Field of Dreams on the “Tron!

That’s right Field of Dreams is going to be played on the Jumbotron!

Some of my favorite quotes

If you build it, he will come.


The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh… people will come Ray. People will most definitely come.”

Shoeless Joe Jackson: Hey, is this heaven?

Ray Kinsella: No, it’s Iowa.


Ray Kinsella: The voice is back.

Annie Kinsella: Oh, Lord… you don’t have to build a football field now, do you?


Annie Kinsella: What if the Voice calls while you’re gone?

Ray Kinsella: Take a message.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: The last two have been high and tight, so where do you think the next one’s gonna be?


Archie Graham: Well, either low and away… or in my ear.


Shoeless Joe: He’s not gonna want to load the bases, so look for low and away. But watch out for in your ear.


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The Debate Part One

I’ve hatched an idea Cup half-full Jordan will argue against cup-half empty Jordan on various topics realted to the O’s and you detremine the winner.



Full Jordan: The O’s have one of the best farm systems in all of the majors, Brandon Synder, Jake Arrieta, Brain Matsuz, and Chris Tillman, Baseball America says the O’s have on the best farm systems in the majors.

Empty Jordan: They were saying that a couple years ago about Hayden Penn, Liz, and Daniel Cabrera and none of them are of any use in the bigs any more. How do we know that’s not going to happend with Arrieta, Matsuz and Tillman?

FJ: We don’t. However that was an Orioles team that didn’t have Andy McPhail monitoring everything, this team does Andy McPhail watching and making sure that when the get called up they are fully prepared for the majors. Take Brad Bergesun. He was called up and has made an immediate impact on team.

EJ: Just because you have a better GM doesn’t mean that your prospects will magically be better, some people just can’t handle the pressure of being in bigs, they can’t adjust players that are better, faster, and stronger.

FJ: The thing is the GM does in a way make the prospects better by hiring a good coaching staff and making sure that players seem to be ready to handle the guys that are better ,faster and stronger. Our previous GM’s weren’t hiring good coaches and were rushing the kids up to the majors.

EJ: The key word is seem to be ready, you can’t judge how Minor Leaguers will do in the majors until you put them up there. You cant gurantee anything.

FJ: This completly true. You can’t gurantee anything. But the compontents are there for a great ballplayers.


And that’s the end of the first debate


MLB 09: THE SHOW PS2 Review

MLB 09 is an excellent game. One of the biggest improvments for me was they have all this Cooperstown stuff. For example for The White Sox you play in these

or these

go go sox.gif

From the Go-Go Sox of the 50’s

if you choose the A’s you can wear these!


One of my favorites would have to the Astros!


There’s also retro stadiums









Last but not least, All-Star teams!

There are two the Golden Era team- Cy, walter, George Herman, Jackie, ect..

Silver- Reggie, Seaver, Ryan, Morgan, Ozzie Smith.


There really isn’t anything worth mentioning about the game play, average, same with the graphics. BUT I LOVE THE NOSTALGIA FACTOR!!

8.4 out of 10


Know Your Orioles!





File:Nolan Reimold 2009.jpg


Nolan atteneded


Where he tore up the MAC! In his final season he batted .360 with 20 jacks and 60 ribbies. He won the MAC player of the year. Did I mention he hold about every hitit ng record in Bowling Green history!

His stats of course caught the O’s eyes, and he was drafted in the second round of ’05.

He immedetily began tearing up the minors.

He was named the top prospect in New York-Penn league. He lead the


in Homers and doubles. And he didn’t play the whole season! He then was transfered to the


He hit .357 in the Keys playoff run and was a key player on that team.

He stayed in Frederick and in a recurring theme tore up the leaue with 19 homers and a .379 OBP.

Then he got promoted to Bowie and in ’07 where he batted .306 and had .565 slugging average! And he hit 11 homers in 50 games! Meanwhile he hit 19 in Frederick and he played a hundred games!

He remained en fuego



Last season with Bowie were he hit 25 big ones and had 84 RBI’s in 139.

For a portion of this season he was on the


Were he was a teammate of MW15

File:Matt Wieters on May 29, 2009 (1).jpg

He made his ML debut against KC on May 14th. he had a nimmediate test when in his first two games he had to face Gil Meche

File:Gil Meche.jpg

and Zach Grienke

File:Zack Greinke at Camden Yards.JPG


May 27th was when a lot more people knew his name. Bottom of the 12th, O’s donw by one here comes Nolan Reimold, gues what he does.


Walk-off three run homerun!

Ztaknek told me that Nolan leads the league rookies in several catergories!

he looks to be a very promising left fielder who could be around for a long time!