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I’m Very Happy!!!!

Now you may ask: why is Jordan so happy. Three words: Madden Cover Jinx.

The cover of Madden NFL 10 was announced and Troy Polamalu of the Squealers Steelers and Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals are both on it. Here is why I’m so happy

This means that Troy Polamalu is jinxed! Me being a fan of the Ravens

This is good. From Wikipedia the tale of the Madden Curse

Prior to 1999, every annual installment of the Madden NFL series primarily featured John Madden on its cover.] In 1999, Electronic Arts selected Garrison Hearst to appear on the cover, and has since featured one of the league’s top players on every annual installment. Since then, certain players have experienced a decline in performance, usually due to an injury. For example, quarterback Michael Vick appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 2004, and suffered a leg injury that sidelined him for most of the 2004 season. In a similar example, running back Shaun Alexander, then the league’s reigning Most Valuable Player, was featured on the cover of Madden NFL 2007, and sustained a foot injury that caused him to miss six starts. As a result, Alexander’s rushing statistics were substantially less than those from the previous season.

When asked about the “Madden Curse”, Chris Erb, the EA Sports director of marketing, commented, “I don’t know that we believe in the curse. The players don’t believe in the curse” Greg Pearson, a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, commented that the string of injuries that Madden cover athletes experience can be attributed to the physical-nature of football. Alexander himself has claimed, “Do you want to be hurt and on the cover, or just hurt.” When Vince Young appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to officially announce that he would appear on the cover of Madden NFL 2008, he derided allegations of becoming the curse’s next victim, and stated, “I done prayed about it and we’re gonna go home and try to get to the playoffs and try to get to the Super Bowl. We’ll see what happens.” In 2007, GameSpot and CNBC reported that a large number of LaDainian Tomlinson‘s fans, who believed in the Madden Curse, were strongly opposed to EA Sports’ initial decision to feature him on the 2008 cover, so much that a fan created SaveLTfromMadden.com to voice their disdain. Tomlinson eventually declined the offer, but stated it was solely due to contract negotiations.

Brett Favre graced the cover of Madden 2009. He is depicted on the cover in his uniform with the Green Bay Packers; however, he played the 2008 NFL season with the New York Jets. After going 8-3 to start the season, Favre apparently developed a then-undiagnosed shoulder injury, which resulted in the Jets losing four of their final five games, and missing the 2008 NFL playoffs

As you can tell this means Troy Polamalu will be awful.

Back to your scheduled programming..


That is what I found myself asking for most of the Orioles game he was in the zone!!!!

After two poor starts, Orioles starter Adam Eaton took a shutout bid into the eighth, throwing 75 of 103 pitches for strikes.

He had 9 K’s, and had shutout going until 8th and he just looked so different! If we can have this Adam pitching

 After two poor starts, Orioles starter Adam Eaton took a shutout bid into the eighth, throwing 75 of 103 pitches for strikes.

and not this one

Orioles starting pitcher Adam Eaton throws against the Boston Red Sox in the first inning at Fenway Park. Eaton gave up six runs and nine hits in four innings for the Orioles.

Then we have ourselves a solid pitcher! There was a rather fuuny moment during game, there’s a shot hit to left which I thought as Sox guys say ” They can put in the board.. YEEEESSSS” but then it might stay in play but now both Adam Jones and Felix

 Felix the cat by Henry Young. 


(couldn’t resist)

are both on it, then this happens

Orioles left fielder Felix Pie (left) and center fielder Adam Jones collide in the fourth inning, but Jones catches the fly ball by Chicago White Sox right fielder Jermaine Dye.

and Adam catches it!

Also George Sherrill looks awfully similar to Mr. Clean

Manager Dave Trembley (left) congratulates relief pitcher George Sherrill, who pitched a scoreless ninth inning in the Orioles' 6-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox.

” George buy some rogaine!”

Also an important announcement

Forget this!



This isn’t as true as this

orangebirds dig the 5tp.jpg

Orangebirds dig the 5 tool player!



We Messed With Texas Part II and Other Things

The Orioles again defeated the Texas Rangers in extras 7-5. The game was very intersting to say the least. George Sherill allowed two runs in the ninth but he still got the save


“This pitch will have a very nerve wrecking outcome”

The way he goes about saves reminds of Todd Jones.

The Orioles got homers from Huff

Aubrey Huff blasts a lead-off home run to right in the second inning.

and Adam Jones

Adam Jones is congratulated after hitting a two-run home run in the 10th inning against the Texas Rangers. The Orioles (6-2) won, 7-5, in 10 innings.

whom I’m really taking a liking to.

Alfredo Simon came out early with an injury

Orioles shortstop Cesar Izturis chats with starter Alfredo Simon in the second inning. Simon left the game with a sore elbow.

“Would it feel better if your Mommy gave it a kissy?”

And the bullpen did enough to hold back the Rangers just enough to let the O’s win. Now I gotta give kudos to a ezcellent play made in the third by Adam Jones, B-Rob, and Gregg Zaun and a little Ryan Freel. There’s a gapper hit, Adam Jones grabs throws it (Ryan Freel squated down to make an easier throw) to B-Rob who throw to Zaunn who lays the tag Micheal Young

Orioles catcher Gregg Zaun tags out Texas' Michael Young at home during the third inning.

and stops a run from scoring. I got out of my seat after Zaunny made that play and I uttered some words of happiness I can’t recall. Overall another excellent game all around by the O’s.

If (and when) we win tonight I will have a PSD, you can guess what it is.


Tonight the Orioles will all don the 42 uniforms of Jack Rosevelt Robinson. if you look you will notice the fact those uniforms

 Orioles plan tribute to Jackie Robinson

lack a name on the back as way to pay tribute in a different way. I think that is the same reason that Mo Rivera hasn’t given up his number, his name isn’t on the unifrom!


I hope you had a peaceful Tax Day. (I doubt it) I don’t have to pay taxes (as of now:-()


First Bob and I have blog called Young Guns

(another 5 minute PSD)

and you can tell what it’s about. Anyone can read it we also are looking for those in grades 6-12 to join as bloogers.

We also copied form Julia and Scott and we have a bet on the O’s-Sox series coimg up soon, uno problemo it’s a four game series this slipped under priamrily my nose until just now if the series is tied then we’ll each have to do posts. if the Sox split or win the series somehow what are you suggestions Julia, Bob suggested Jed Lowrie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m think Babe Ruth (he counts and I’ll focus on his Sox days and just a little about that trade)


Weaver Ball!

Yankee fans across the MLBlogsphere are wondering “How the *&#$ are we losing to the

*#$%#ing Orioles, the Orioles!!” Somebody thinks it’s Nick Markakis and wants to kidnap him!!! (this person shall remain unknown, but her name rhymes with rain dweller). However do not blame him. Blame one notable Hall of Famer, Mr. Earl Sidney Weaver.


“That’s the worst call I’ve ever seen!!!!”

Why blame Earl Weaver if he’s not managing. Well, I’ll tell you why: the O’s are playing Weaver Ball. Now you may ask, what is Weaver Ball? Well, Weaver Ball is pitching, defense and the three run homer. Those were the things the great Earl liked seeing most. And let me tell you, the O’s are playing Weaver Ball!!

Exhibit A. Fielding- take Monday; Cesar Izturus  Salad Man makes a diving stop, throws to first, the runner is safe, then Huff – seeing Nady is going home – throws to Zaun who stops Nady in his tracks and throws back to Melvin to get him out and kill the Yankees rally chances. That’s excellent and unselfish fielding. Also, take the O’s outfield. We have two of the fastest outfielders:

and they gobble up everything!!!! In fact, ESPN the Mag called the Camden Yards outfield “Where triples go to die.” (sounds like a quote from Field of Dreams).  And by no means are the Yankees fielding like that; their outfield has as much speed as a

(if you ask me that turtle is orange!!)

Exhibit B. PItching – In the Orioles first two games we have had great starting pitching while the Yankees had their 160 million dollar baby cry as he pitched awful on Opening Day and then have their Asian pitcher get outdueled by ours. In case you don’t believe that pitching wasn’t part of Weaver ball I have something to say: take a look at these pitching stats.

However no three run shots have been hit… YET  

My Orioles demand some respect!!!

One last thing, another reason why we are this year’s Rays- last year many had the Rays to finish in fourth place and many this year predict that we will finish fourth. 




Tonight Koji Uehara


will make his MLB debut against Ching Mang Wang


and the Evil Empire Yankees

Three Words: Asian Media Frenzy  


It’s probably going to be 2am in Japan yet those dedicated fans will deprive themselves of sleep to see Koji and Hideki. I’m not sure if those from Wang’s country (??Taiwan??) are that big fans, they might be.

The Orioles are going to giveaway his T-Shirt on Tuedsay the 21st as part of a promo T-Shirt Tuesday were they give out the T-Shirt of a guy who’s doing well but his T-Shirts aren’t avalible.   

Koji Uehara T-Shirt Tuesday 

Last year they did it for Adam, Lu(uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)ke, Super Platypus Sherill and other guys.

I look forward to watching Koji’s debut.

MLB Preview: Orioles

I’m going to start writing team previews. I shall begin with the O’s.

Orioles Preview


Key Additions: UTIL Ty Wiggington, OF Felix Pie, P Rich Hill, P Koji Uehara, C Greg Zaun, UTIL Ryan Freel, SS Cezar Izturus

Key Losses: P Daniel Cabrera, P Brian Burres, C Ramon Hernandez

The Baltimore Orioles were one of the most busy teams in terms of free agency. Seven key additions. However the Yankees signed the two main free agents the O’s were bidding for: Mark (insert cuss that ends in ing here) Texeira and A.J. Burnett. I along with pretty much every other O’s fan out there would pounce on Texeira gear. However the Orioles moved on and Andy McPhail made some nice moves. He changed up the rotation. I’m so glad that he got rid of Hernandez and Cabrera. Cabrera as the O’s Fred Manfra and Joe Angel describe him as: A girl with curly hair. It’s either is really good (say the time he had no-no against the Yankees through 6 or 7) or really bad. He always made me nervous. And Ramon Hernandez was a slow poke. He never seemed like he was hustling. However his back up Guillmero Quiroz was always hustling. The Orioles also did two things to really boost their revenue. Change uniforms which result in big time cash for those who want to get the up to date gear and they also signed a Japanese player. And according to my fellow bloggers who have Dice-K or someone else they take tours and hold up signs that nobody can read. 

The Orioles farm system is freakishly gifted. They have Matt Wieters!!! This guy will be the O’s version Evan Longoria. Speaking of the Rays the O’s have plenty of similarities. First they changed their uniforms, second they have a big name prospect waiting in the wings. I strongly believe that the O’s can be this year’s Rays. 

The rotation of the Orioles got treated like a child with a easily breakable toy. They break keep some of it then put it back together. But the thing is is the toy put back together nicely does it stay in it’s awful shape. I think it’s pretty good. You have Jeremy Guthrie who could be a Cy Young winer. NO I’M NOT OVEREXAGERATING!!!Then you have the guy who I’m really starting to take a liking to.  Koji Uehara (上原 浩治). Like I said earlier this guy will get a lot of fans. I going to have to bring a cheat sheet with basic Japanese phrase in English and Japanese for things like Get A Strikeout Koji!! 

The Orioles outfield seems like an outfield that could be one for the record books. You have Nick Markakis who somehow hasn’t won a Gold Glove, Adam Jones: the crown jewel of the Berdard trade and the tag team of Scott and Wiggington. Thats an outfield loaded with potential.

The infiled is solid too. You have a palyero f the month at third, a gold glover at short, and All-Star at second and a guy who hit for the cycle at first that makes the infield sound pretty good. The thing is those guys are Melvin Mora, Cezar Izturus, Brian Roberts and Aubrey Huff. With the aqusition of Izturus the O’s found a reliable shortstop. Last year I’m not sure which there were more of, shortstops starting at sunday home games or wins at Sunday home games. 

The backstop is the main interest. The $1,000,000 for me and every O’s fan. When is Matt getting called up!!!! Here’s a trivia nugget. Gregg Zaun is related to Orioles broadcaster, WS MVP and ex first-base coach Rick Dempsey. 


Lissi won trivia yesterday with Ichiro and So Taguchi. I wasn’t expecting So Taguchi nor did I know that!! Today is a 4 out of 10.

Who gave up George Brett’s famous/infamous pine tar homer?