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Brad Bergesen, The Kid No One Knows About

Meet Brad Bergesen. Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles. 6′ 2″ 125 pounds. But theres so much more that most people don’t know about him.

Right now Brad is the Orioles ace and among the most promising pitchers in all of the majors. Yesterday most of Red Sox Nation got aquainted to him. However because of the Sox’s comeback no one was talking about him. And this makes me angry.



No one realized how good he was. He’s going to be a kid people will be talking about. If he was playing for a big market team he’d be a household name. But since he plays for The O’s no one is talking about him.

He is the pitching equvilant of

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He won the Jim Palmer award for the best pitcher in the Orioles system. In fact I’ve heard him compared to


Jim Palmer compared him to Mark Fidrych, not a bad comparison!!!!!

He can handle the big boys he had a great outing yesterday against the Sox. He allowed one run against the Nats

Washington Nationals

and the Mariners

Seattle Mariners

and two against Detriot

Detroit Tigers

and three against the South Siders

Chicago White Sox

He will be a name your going to be hearing for a long time.


Around the MLB

More Sox!

On Tuesday the orioles beat the White Sox 10-2. The big thing was that Brad Bergensen made him Major League debut and has an ERA of 1.57. He is the first of orioles 12 trillion pitching prospects to be called up. Others include Matsuz and Tillman

I really didn’t watch much of game dos, I just know J-Guth had his second bad outing.

Arrrgh You Kidding They’re Good!!!!

The Pirates swept the Marlins!!!! The fact anybody cares is something to write home about! The Bucs figured out how to play, get a pitching coach who knows what he’s doing and get young pitchers. And write know it’s working! However if they were to play a home-and-home thier attenddence for those games wouldn’t fill the Yard. It’d 5,000 fans per game! ]

All Star Voting 

All-Star Voting Began yesterday and the orioles have an offer:

Voting is now open at orioles.com for the 2009 MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis — and the Orioles have some All-Star rewards just for you!

Vote at orioles.com and list the O’s as your “favorite team” or “other favorite team,” and you’ll receive an exclusive promo code good for $5 off any ticket to an Orioles non-prime home game after the All-Star break. But, if you vote the maximum 25 times, you’ll receive a promo code good for a FREE UPPER RESERVE ticket to any O’s non-prime home game after the break! So vote early … and vote often!

I have already voted 25 times.

Let the ads begin


AL Ballot









(I wrote in Wiggy, Freel and Pie on various occasions)

(Duh I did all Orioles!)


Pujols (20)/ Howard (5)


Rollins (12)/ Reyes (13)