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WBC Thoughts and Observations

Netherlands vs. DR

  • How about Sidney Ponson, I never knew he was Dutch did you?!?
  • The Dutch like orange both their baseball and football (you know which one) teams wear it.
  • Two ex-Orioles playing who I don’t want back: Tejada and Ponson.
  • Where was Vlad Guerero?
  • The Dutch won with one small ball inning.
  • The  DR has trouble with Orange teams us and the Dutch.
  • Pedro looked good, somebody sign him!

US vs. Canada

  • The hockey fans must also like baseball, that place sounded like a hockey rink.
  • It’s ironic the US was the home team in Canada!
  • I never knew Russell Martin was Candian!

Panama vs. Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico has some good catchers: Pudge, the Molinas, and Soto.
  • Sign of Armagedon: Pudge stole a base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did anybody notice that Puerto Rico actually had ads on their uniform!
  • The San Juan stadium as well as the other stadiums have green screens behind home plate for ads.
  • Mo Rivera is there for Panama as a cheerleader! Play him!

Pool A

  • Due to the fact that all the games were in the morning I can not observe for a specific game.
  • Most of the countries in this pool don’t like each other, Japan and China are best friends and so are Chinese Taipi and China.
  • What happened to those Chinese Taipi little league teams, were have those 12 year olds gone?
  • Breakfast and Baseball is awesome!

USA vs. Venezula

  • The US should of made a bet with Venezula if the US wins they get free oil!
  • I didn’t know Melvin Mora was Venezulaen.





News Item My Take

News Item: Manny Ramirez actually signs a contract with the Dodgers 2 years 45 mil. 

My Take: Wasn’t he offered this 4 or 5 times before, well at least he actually signed at all, however I have no idea why but I thought the Giants were going to sign him. I still think he could DH for the Orioles! 😉

News Item: The Orioles defeat the DR 6-1 with David Ortiz, Hanley Ranirez and Johnny Cueto actually playing.

My Take: This is very good for the Orioles, I have no ida how hard the Dr was playing but this certainley is promising, considering that they have good spring training record. And Koji Uehara is doing really well. Was the Rays’ record in spring training last season if it was good then you know where I’m going with this.

Related News Item: Japan beats China 4-0 in the first game of the WBC.

My Take: I now love WBC I wake-up and they actually have baseball on it’s youknowwhating awesome! There was this really bizarre attempted pickoff move, I litteraly said out loud ” What the heck was that!?!”

Related News Item: A-Rod needs surgery on his hip and will be out until Mid- May.

My Take: Yay! Now we concentrate our booing more to Texeiria and A-Rod will miss the Opening of NYS. 

News item: The Orioles are doing an O’s Ravens Draft Day Rally Cap Giveaway.

My Take: Eight words: Baltimore loves the Ravens more then the O’s, I saw this point made on http://www.bmorebirdsnest.com/ the blog that found “were gonna boo texeiria” Somebody maybe Joe Flacco was throwing out the first pitch and they asked ” When’s the last time you saw an O in an Ravens jersey.”


This is kind of like Julia’s question, what famous HOF manger has the middle name Sidney?




Orioles Spring Training IV and Picks

Where Playing the Domnicians!?!?

This is nuts tomorrow the O’s are playing the:

 Dominican Republic 2009 World Baseball Classic Replica Home Jersey - MLB.com Shop


The DR is playing us, are schedule makers out to get the O’s!! This ridculous the Orioles get one of the best teams in tourney, that’s not even good practice for the DR how abot the: Angels (SAF), Cubs, or Red Sox (PUR). The O’s did paly Cuba for a home and home and Ztaknek went to the game in the states but that was when the O’s were decent and Cal was on the team. I would want to play Canada but I have no idea why. Alos this is preety good for the O’s, in ’06 Koji Uehara had second best ERA among starters, and second best wins, you can guess who was first. When your second only to him that’s pretty good. And he was first in K’s and you’re putting K in his name, reeally. 


I dedicate my number 38 rating to Curt Schilling. one he beat the Yankees with a bleeeping bloody foot! And he fighting for to:



Plus here’s a trivia nugget he played for the O’s!!