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The Orioles in The Show

I found some screenshots of the virtual Orioles; here they are:

brob leads off.jpg

brob steals.jpg


Creepy Eyes!

swinging markakis.jpg

melvin close up.jpg

And some non-O’s. Virtual Grady!!!!!:



My question for Melissa: is virtual Grady handsome?

Skinny CC:


skinnyCC.jpgAnd Mr. Cover Boy:



Baseball and Snow

First of all this is insane: it’s snowing in March in places as far away as the Clemson campus and the Clemson campus in SC is two states away from Florida!!! Clemson is closer to the equator,

than Maryland or New England, yet it sounds like Clemson got snowed on more!  We of course don’t have school, but Ztaknek is not fond of snow at all. I’m going to volunteer to clean the cars with a ginormous squeegie! This is environmentally good too.  If it’s snowing in March, then Global Warming is slowing down!!! I am trying to be really green. This is a pretty good two day span because guess what is coming out tomorrow:


MLB 09: THE SHOW!!! I have one burning question: Can Dustin hit the controversial High and Tight fastball?, Sony’s doing a whole ad campaign on this. Check it out; the site’s on my link list. WALLY TALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I also want to tour the New York twins and I probably will give you a review of the game. 

Speaking of snow and baseball this is fun, your the Indians groundscrew during the snow games.

Yeah, March is certainly coming in like a lion, a very hungry lion.  Not a Detroit Lion, obviously!


 Bob won yesterday with 13 guys, however nobody did Pepper Martin or Bobby Wine.

Who played the first game at Wrigley Field?