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We Messed With Texas Part II and Other Things

The Orioles again defeated the Texas Rangers in extras 7-5. The game was very intersting to say the least. George Sherill allowed two runs in the ninth but he still got the save


“This pitch will have a very nerve wrecking outcome”

The way he goes about saves reminds of Todd Jones.

The Orioles got homers from Huff

Aubrey Huff blasts a lead-off home run to right in the second inning.

and Adam Jones

Adam Jones is congratulated after hitting a two-run home run in the 10th inning against the Texas Rangers. The Orioles (6-2) won, 7-5, in 10 innings.

whom I’m really taking a liking to.

Alfredo Simon came out early with an injury

Orioles shortstop Cesar Izturis chats with starter Alfredo Simon in the second inning. Simon left the game with a sore elbow.

“Would it feel better if your Mommy gave it a kissy?”

And the bullpen did enough to hold back the Rangers just enough to let the O’s win. Now I gotta give kudos to a ezcellent play made in the third by Adam Jones, B-Rob, and Gregg Zaun and a little Ryan Freel. There’s a gapper hit, Adam Jones grabs throws it (Ryan Freel squated down to make an easier throw) to B-Rob who throw to Zaunn who lays the tag Micheal Young

Orioles catcher Gregg Zaun tags out Texas' Michael Young at home during the third inning.

and stops a run from scoring. I got out of my seat after Zaunny made that play and I uttered some words of happiness I can’t recall. Overall another excellent game all around by the O’s.

If (and when) we win tonight I will have a PSD, you can guess what it is.


Tonight the Orioles will all don the 42 uniforms of Jack Rosevelt Robinson. if you look you will notice the fact those uniforms

 Orioles plan tribute to Jackie Robinson

lack a name on the back as way to pay tribute in a different way. I think that is the same reason that Mo Rivera hasn’t given up his number, his name isn’t on the unifrom!


I hope you had a peaceful Tax Day. (I doubt it) I don’t have to pay taxes (as of now:-()


First Bob and I have blog called Young Guns

(another 5 minute PSD)

and you can tell what it’s about. Anyone can read it we also are looking for those in grades 6-12 to join as bloogers.

We also copied form Julia and Scott and we have a bet on the O’s-Sox series coimg up soon, uno problemo it’s a four game series this slipped under priamrily my nose until just now if the series is tied then we’ll each have to do posts. if the Sox split or win the series somehow what are you suggestions Julia, Bob suggested Jed Lowrie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m think Babe Ruth (he counts and I’ll focus on his Sox days and just a little about that trade)



News Item My Take… Again

News Item: Japan defeated Korea (the one that doesn’t have this man as ruler)

for WBC Champions.

My Take: Something tells that the lack of spring training with MLB clubs (I think the teams only have 6 or 7 guys in Majors combined) helped since they we’re building team chemistry longer then the U.S. was and that must of helped somehow. Also from what I’ve heard Japan vs. Korea is a international sports rivalry that sounds awfully similar to that of these enemies buddies:


(sorry I couldn’t find equal sized flags) That’s right it sounds like they have US- Soviet hatred, however considering the fact neither team was horrendous I can’t make this comparison:


Seriously, America needs to get more excited about hockey.

Related News Item: Japan defeated the U.S. in the semis to win.

My Take: To get more people more excited and/or interested they should do it a week after the WS. That way more people can be availible. For example the rotation of the US if very good, but not totally dominate. I, Orangebird after having a discussion with Jordan ( I was talking to myself) realized there were two really good pitchers not playing:


I know Cole was injured and I’m not sure what’s the deal with Lincecum, but if this were played post-WS, I’m pretty sure those guys would be playing, the Nt’l team rotation lacks a true big name pitcher no offense Roy Oswalt and Jake Peavy, but that is not the best the U.S. can offer, and that’s the truth!

News Item: The Orioles rotation after Jeremy and Koji has candidates for the remaining spot that I’ll let UMD student section describe (except for the beat the H%#$ out of you part:


They are not very good. However they will have one heckuva lineup with B-Rob, Nick, Adam Jones (BTW that trade is starting to be called the Adam Jones or George Sherill deal) and you know who

I’m starting to get (I think it’s called) a mancrush on him. Trust me that is a dangerous lineup. Here’s a stat worth mentioning: the Orioles were the last team to get shut out lats season.

Related News Item: Guys like O’s beat writer Peter $chmuck (it astriks me if I have a normal S) claim that Orioles have one of the best bullpens in years.

My Take: They certainley have a good point. We have long relievers like Albers and my favorite pre-Matt prospect Radhemmes Liz and Dennis Sarfate who all can come in if the 3, 4 and 5 guys start not doing well and the relievers can give 4 or 5 innings. We also have a very good lefty specalist in Jamie Walker. Then we have the back three the setup man for the setup man, the setup man and the closer.

In the seventh we have Jim Johnson, another good young pitcher, the eigth Chris ray who was our closer unti he had TJ surgery:

And there’s Super Platypus George Sherill our closer. Why is he called Super Platypus take a look-sees

He reminds me of of the Tigers closer who retired Todd Jones where a save would be like:

Double, walk, K, walk, GIDP. He would get it down but this would occur:


I fell bad for the girl.

Bye, More Pop Art Soon

Fantasy Baseball T&O

Believe it or not yesterday was my first live-draft! Ztaknek and I are co-managers. We had a theme, as evidenced by our roster: get closers and guys who can put up 30/30 numbers like Matt Holliday. Here is our roster:


Matt Wieters

, Bal C


Conor Jackson

, Ari 1B, LF


Howie Kendrick

, LAA 2B


Chipper Jones

, Atl 3B


Ryan Theriot

, ChC SS


Jose Lopez

, Sea 2B


James Loney

, LAD 1B


Matt Holliday

, Oak LF


Adam Jones

, Bal CF


Nick Markakis

, Bal RF

OF Ken Griffey Jr., Sea CF, RF


George Sherrill

, Bal RP

P Tim Wakefield, Bos SP

Koji Uehara, Bal SP


Brandon Webb

, Ari SP


Carlos Zambrano

, ChC SP


Jeremy Guthrie

, Bal SP


Francisco Rodriguez



Kerry Wood

, Cle RP 

Then there’s the Joe Blows and Bob Blobs who aren’t worth mentioning.

Observations and Thoughts:


  • Dang, I’m getting a lot of saves
  • I’m an O’s fan, thus there’s no Yankees on my team, unlike some people… (Ztaknek wouldn’t let me draft one, I suggested draft and trade and he still said no) Here’s a metaphor which even my non-baseball friends thought was funny “Red Sox fans drafting Yankees, that’s like God drafting Satan” You either think this is funny or it offends you, I apologize those whom I offended.
  • Bob, you really should keep quiet, you suggested Griffey and I got him, you could of kept that thought ot yourself and got him. Ztaknek wouldn’t let me say anything about Matt Wieters.
  • I got a lot of steals including the best closers who don’t play for Big Two (You know who I’m talking about) and Tim Wakefield. With the way Julia was drafting I thought he was her’s! Also we have a whole slew of O’s like Matt Wieters, Koji, Jeremy Guthrie and Adam Jones. However I badly want B-Rob!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you want Julia!!!
  • When Grady was drafted right before Melissa, where was a group reaction of WOW!!!! Now I would not except the trade because she has two Yankees in the offer. Speaking of trades I propose the Alyssa Milano deal: Grady for Matt Holliday.
  • Julia had a very interesting draft. ( I say interesting when I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.)
  • I thought I fielded a good team that can beat anyone when they’re hot.
  • People must of thought that we were nuts drafting Matt Wieters, just you wait until he bats .340 and is smacking the ball all over the ballpark.