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Orioles Spring Training IV and Picks

Where Playing the Domnicians!?!?

This is nuts tomorrow the O’s are playing the:

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The DR is playing us, are schedule makers out to get the O’s!! This ridculous the Orioles get one of the best teams in tourney, that’s not even good practice for the DR how abot the: Angels (SAF), Cubs, or Red Sox (PUR). The O’s did paly Cuba for a home and home and Ztaknek went to the game in the states but that was when the O’s were decent and Cal was on the team. I would want to play Canada but I have no idea why. Alos this is preety good for the O’s, in ’06 Koji Uehara had second best ERA among starters, and second best wins, you can guess who was first. When your second only to him that’s pretty good. And he was first in K’s and you’re putting K in his name, reeally. 


I dedicate my number 38 rating to Curt Schilling. one he beat the Yankees with a bleeeping bloody foot! And he fighting for to:



Plus here’s a trivia nugget he played for the O’s!!