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Orioles Spring Training III

 Congrats Koji!!

Koji Uehara made his debut vs. real Major Leaguers and faired well. He allowed only one hit on bloop (which also wasn’t caught because LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE got blinded by not science but the sun.) In two innings. The Orioles also had another first, guess what they were wearing:

Orioles starting pitcher Koji Uehara throws during the first inning against the Florida Marlins in Jupiter, Fla.

The Black Baltimore!!!!!

Matt Wieters As A DH!?!

Matt Wieters also had a good game with a stolen base, got a hit and scored as a DH. So much for my Manny as DH idea:< Now that I think about it he could DH and get more acustomed to MLB pitching since I think he has catching down, it also gives Zaun sometime so that way the O’s don’t waste money and it reduces Matt’s chance of injury if he only hits.

 Florida Marlins shortstop Robert Andino (left) attempts to tag out Orioles designated hitter Matt Wieters at second base in the second inning.

 Other Pitchers

The Orioles also pitched Hayden Penn and Jake Arrieta. The remember Hayden Penn he was called up had an 8 run outing and was sent to Norfolk or Ottawa. I wish him well and hopefully he can actually stay in Baltimore for more then a week or two. And Jake Arrieta who I’ve heard of but I have no idea why. Here is his page on MLB.com.

Manny and Scott Boras are Insane

No explaniation needed

Pic Credits: Baltimore Sun


The Ken/Ztak Nek won the George Brett question. Today is 7 out of 10: How many game seven walkoffs have there been. And name three of the guys who actually hit them. Hint- Not just homers!! Hint- More then three walkoffs


Manny Ramirez Used HGH He Admits

Up In Section 360 has scored an exclusive interview with Manny Ramirez about his hair growth hormone use.

Here is that inteview.

UIS360: Mr. Ramirez is it true that you used hair growth hormone with the Red Sox.

Manny: First I would like to establish I’m here to talk about the past. Yes I did use HGH.

Several sources say that use statrted using HGH in 2002 is this true.

I missremember that because I was young, foolish and stupid.

Who providied the HGH?

My third cousin who has a timeshare in Guam and knows the Pope.

How was the HGH given, in a pill through a syringe or something else.

It was in the shampoo there was 2 varities Ice Cream and Clear Breeze. I chose Ice Cream.

What is the name of yor pope knowing cousin?

Я жажду напиток

I’m sorry what did you say.

Я могу видеть Аляску от моего дома

Okay now there are references to Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and A-Rod. Lets see who can identify where each reference is. By the way I couldn’t resist including Sarah Palin. Guess what Я могу видеть Аляску от моего дома means. I can see Alaska from my house. 🙂



Manny An Oriole?

It’s cold  today where I live, so I started thinking about how warm LA is. Then I thought about the Dodgers. Then I thought about Manny. Okay here’s the scenario: Scott Boras vanishes and Manny doesn’t hire an agent for his negotiation. Here’s a couple reasons why Manny might be interested in being an Oriole:

  • Manny hit his 500th Homer at the Yard. So he would want to go to a place that he hits homeruns at.
  • When he was with Boston when the Sox came to town people were cheering for him. So rather then just getting cheered for for just several games why not 81 games.

Sadly the left field doesnt have a john inside the wall, so that might scare him away from the yard.

However, the Orioles have Halloween colors and I’d assume with Manny being the goof he is, that he loves Halloween.