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Yay School’s Out (Oh Yeah Did I Mention The O’s Won!)


That’s right the school year is over! This calls for champagne!

“Non-alcoholic of course!”

To celebrate, TOO will encorporate some of my main subjects into this post.


Oh yeah did I mention the O’s won in walk-off fashion babiiiiiieeeee!!!!


“Since when are you Dicky V?”


The Orioles drafted Georgia Tech catcher Matt Wieters with the fifth overall pick in the 2007 draft.

 It starts by MW getting a double


“15 doubled is 30 and 30 doubled is 60!”

Then Reimold gets walked and now we have runners on first and second and here comes B-Rob and he hits a gronuder, and they try to get Pie (pinch running for MW) at third since he is the lead runner 

 Felix Pie slides safely into third, beating the throw to the Mets' David Wright in the bottom of the ninth.


Bases loaded AJ’s batting, the Yard is up will he

A. get a base hit and tie the game

B. hit a walk-off ground slam

C. strikeout

D. get walked

“The answer is D!!!”

That’s right he gets an RBI, via the walk! And the game is tied!



Now here comes The Greek God



And he gets struck out looking!


Now here comes Aubrey Huff, lThursday’s hero, and guess what he does!

Aubrey Huff (right) is mobbed by teammates after he hits a one-out RBI single in the bottom of the 9th inning to beat the Mets.

The picture says it all!

I know why the Orioles won last night, let me begin with a stat the O’s going into last night’s game were O-and-34 now why is the 34 so special? Wild Bill Hagy, the Roar form 34! Alos because I listened to some Orioles Magic before the game so that also helped, plus my MW shirt is lucky! The O’s are 2-0 when I wear it!





Kevin Jewukilis


Kevin Youklilis was born in Cincy in 1979. Kevin has had many important achivements including Macher of Day honors multiple times, all-star first baseman, and having his nickanme echoed in Fenway Park.

Jewuk was born to a Jewish jewelry salesman, he atteneded the Cincy where broke almost every school hitting record. When the red sox drafted him in the 8th round of the draft.

As a prospect he was mentioned in Moneyabll calling the Greek God of walks. THis was the first the mainstream had head of him. In fact Billy made manny trades t oget the macher but Theo turned all of them down!

In 2006 he was part of the starting line up, then in 2007 he got better. I nfact on one occasion in the ALDS he hit a homerun and I spontainusley (sp) blerted out “YOOOOUUUUUK.”

In 2008 he was voted to his first all-star a very important achivment for any player.

This year he has been red hot and he looks like he has a chance to be Macher of the year!    




MLB 08 THE SHOW Metropolitans vs. Red Stockings

I just finished playing a great game between the Red Sox and Mets on my PS2. It featured the pitching duel of El Deque vs. Tim Wakefield. The final socre was 4-3 Red Sox. He won it on a two run walkoff blast by Big (Boo-Boo) Papi to center. However the story for much of the game was Tim Wakefield’s knuckler, that ball could be in the strike zone and then be in the batters box. It was insaneIy funny at times was at times. For example Jose Reyes struck out on a Batters Box ball and looked like a 4 year old. In fact Wakefield plunked 4 guys (none were intentional different story if it was the Yankees) and had an very interesting line which included 10 K’s 13 hits and and 3 runs. But El Deque was doing pretty good himself. El Deuqe however in Bottom of the 4th hear was the sequence. Ortiz is at bat and the Mets have the shift were the 3rd baseman is at short. And what dp Papi do? He hits a hard grounder to where  David Wright would be. And the Left Fielder is also waaay to the riht and Papi gets a double. Then Manny hit a pop fly and it wasn’t exactly the distance Big Papi would tag on but he ran he looked like he was out but the ball was a kind of to the righ and then Wright gets it in time but misses the tag. Then the Opening Day 5th batter drove him in. Then in the top of the 7th Carlos beltran stepped in and OVERATED!!! Began and he struck out on the Knuckler which was on the Moon. The game gave the POTG award to Ortiz.



Citi Field and New Yankee Stadium (in a video game)

Here are the videos to Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium.

My Notes on the NYS video.

  • 0:35 The guys who will draw the most boos on Opening Day
  • 0:37- 44 If the camera adds 10 pounds to somebody, the PS3 subtracts 30 pounds. (Guess the motion suit couldn’t fit somebody that large.) Also check out the square clock!
  • 0:57 A suite, a patio and M.P. WOW!!
  • 1:03 That’s cool that the game has that
  • 1:09 Notice they left that gap in right