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Manny Ramirez Used HGH He Admits

Up In Section 360 has scored an exclusive interview with Manny Ramirez about his hair growth hormone use.

Here is that inteview.

UIS360: Mr. Ramirez is it true that you used hair growth hormone with the Red Sox.

Manny: First I would like to establish I’m here to talk about the past. Yes I did use HGH.

Several sources say that use statrted using HGH in 2002 is this true.

I missremember that because I was young, foolish and stupid.

Who providied the HGH?

My third cousin who has a timeshare in Guam and knows the Pope.

How was the HGH given, in a pill through a syringe or something else.

It was in the shampoo there was 2 varities Ice Cream and Clear Breeze. I chose Ice Cream.

What is the name of yor pope knowing cousin?

Я жажду напиток

I’m sorry what did you say.

Я могу видеть Аляску от моего дома

Okay now there are references to Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and A-Rod. Lets see who can identify where each reference is. By the way I couldn’t resist including Sarah Palin. Guess what Я могу видеть Аляску от моего дома means. I can see Alaska from my house. 🙂




Bobbleheads On Steriods!!!!

I like collecting bobbleheads. However I have a nasty habit of getting bobbleheads of people from the Mitchell report. LOL! I have the following guys bobbleheads: Jay Gibbons, Brian Roberts, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and A-Rod/Fraud/Roid. I also have a figurine of Rafeal Palmerio and a McGwire figurine. However my collection does have some clean guys. Amazingly I never got a Tejada bobblehead.  A Cal Ripken three pack, Ichiro, Earl Weaver having a mound discussion with Jim Palmer, Melvin Mora, Nomar and Piazza.