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Why We WiIl Be Seeing This Very Soon


My Reasons Why The O’s Will Win It All

  1. Matt Wieters will have the greatest season by a rookie ever and will propel the O’s to the WS.
  2. O's are this years Rays!.jpg

3. We are due!!! 11 straight losing seasons!!! Only the Pirates and perhaps the Royals are more due. (BTW bold prediction O’s over Roayls in ALCS) May the baseball gods help us!

4. We have a ridiculous farm system that includes: Jake Arrieta, Brian Matsuz, Chris Waters (he had a quality start against the Angels in his first start!!) and drumroll please

MATT WIETERS!!!!! And when they are called up they all will make a difference.

5.  Orioles Magic is real!!

6. We have what our lucky charm. Koji! He’s our first Japanese player and that might be what the O’s needed. Just look around the league, the marque teams have Japanese guys, the RAYS HAVE A GUY!

7. The O’s are motivated by the Ravens to be overachivers get the citys love back.

8. Oh yeah did the mention thta we have an outfield with more potential then then Bill Gates has money. These guys are going to just keep getting better and they will be one of the best of outfield in the league





9. We have an equally good in field with Izturus, Huff, B-Rob and Melvin each bringing something different to the table.  


More Throwbacks!

The Orioles now have the script baltimore but I’m not totaly pleased with what they have. There are still some 60’s and 70’s stuff which is not being used.

Exhibt A: The Cartoon Bird. This guy went excinct after the awful 1988 season. Bot they can bring him back. Maybe they could do retro Sundays (That would be awesome.) I’m thinking a vest jesrey with the cartoon bird where all the other vest unis go. Maybe it could be orange.

Exhibt B: The Swinging Bird in the circle that says Baltimore Orioles. Along with those orange vest jerseys they could have the swinging bird on the sleeve.