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AC 1000 1000 1000

ac 1000 1000 1000.jpg

I don’t hate the Cubs first off, I just find them as a team to get a chuckle out of. This is the total opposite of what Ryan at Prose and Ivy would like to see as evidenced by his URL, I’m not sure rather or not this will happen but I’m leaning to it will. I repeat I’m not a Cubs hater!


Orangebird Channels Inner Andy Warhol via PSD’s

You know how Andy Warhol did pop art with things like a picture of Mrs. Joe Dimaggio and turned it into a rainbow

Well I had one of those light bulb above head ideas


Do that same thing with logos.  I give you the AL East logos:







I paint spilled when there was a change of color; for the Yankees and Rays I just randomly targeted part of logo. I will be doing the rest of the divisions at another time.

Also Keith Olbermann, Republican trasher (stay away Bob unless you don’t mind the ocassional criticsm of the GOP) now has a blog. Speaking of Keith Olbermann I present to you Red Sox fan Ben Affleck doing him:



Ztaknek and I were laughing the whole skit. 

I’ve Gone PSD Mad!!!

Pain and Bob.jpg

Bob gets an endorsment.

grady endorses blog.jpg

And so does Melissa. (I think this might be her favorite picture in the history of the world! 🙂

julia's favorite singer.jpg

And Julia does too. Your welcome!! (Not sure about Bob)