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I Need To Rant

There’s something that’s turned Orangebird from this


cartoon bird.gif to this!boyds.gif

Now I will gives you one hint, Bob, Julia, and Elizabeth are all proud citizens!

Boston Red Sox (Redsox Nation Logo) Sports Poster Print - 22

That’s right Red Sox Nation is what I need to rant about. And specifaly the fact that they overtake Camden Yards. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THE FANS BEING SUPPORTIVE but it just makes me haywire. This angers since he remebers when Memorial Stadium was never called Fenway South or Fenway Park at Camden Yards. It’s despicable that there are more Sox fans then O’s fans in our own park!


despicable.jpg image by thenflchick

 This needs to stop, andd here’s how, we put a better team on the field. And right now we’re doing that.

It’s time make a Camden Yards a hostile enviroment like Memorial Stadium was, we need to show up and give our team support. I can’t stand any more Fenway Park South and it needs to end now. We can’t let red Sox Nation invade Birdland!

I’ve been ok with this the last couple years but now I’m getting sick of it!  


Around The MLB


I found this on mlbshop.com, they have rivalry t-shirts for some of the main rivalries.

Sox and Yanks

Pro Yanks

New York Yankees

“Yah like that’ll ever happen!”

New York Yankees

back reads: Hardware. There’s no better feeling than a ring on your finger. The YANKEES have more rings than you can shake a Sock at. 26 to be exact. Oh..one more thing, it’ll take the RED SOX 394 years just to match our current total.


“Amazing the fans know math!!!”

New York Yankees History Lesson T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

back reads: Since 1923 the Yankees have racked up 26 World Series trophies and the Red Sox have 7 since 1903. Hey Red Sox Nation, what are you doing for the next 235 years? It’s going to take that long just to match our current total

Pro Red Sox

 Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

 “They followed directions!”


Boston Red Sox Mascot Chase T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

Cubs vs. Brew Crew

Pro Cubs

Chicago Cubs Mascot Chase T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

Rays vs. Yankees

Pro Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

Phils vs. Mets

Pro Phils

Philadelphia Phillies Mascot Chase T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

No Orioles shirts were on sale I busted out CustomInk

Retrieve beatnysox NowRetrieve beatnysox Now

I’m confident, not cocky!

“Well winning the World Series would be good!”

Texas is Messing With Us 😦

The Orioles have 3 straight games to those Rangers

“Sorry Orangebird, I made a woopsies. it’s okay other Orangebird”

in both the games the Orioles had a chance to win the game but they lost


In the first game George Sherill proved how nerve wracking he is when he gave up a homerun to Micheal Young

“Micheal not Vince! Sorry Jordan”

That gave them the victory in the ninth. Then yesterday Ian Kinsler got his macher on!

“What’s a macher? See my dad’s blog http://jewsonfirst.mlblogs.com/

He had a very impressive line, that gave them the W 

More Humor

I found these on http://www.mattwietersfacts.com/ and these are so dang funny


Matt Wieters Is So Good That Jim Palmer Stopped Talking About Himself.

2,131? How About 3,131? Wieters Laughs In The Face Of Injury.

Matt Wieters Took Batting Practice This Morning. There Were No Survivors.

When A Pitcher Plunks Matt Wieters, The Ball Is Awarded First Base For Enduring The Pain.

Chuck Norris Won’t Attend Orioles Games Because He’s Afraid Of Matt Wieters.

Matt Wieters Invented The Chicken…And The Chicken Sandwich.

Matt Wieters Signed Autographs Today For 5000 People Using 2 Fish, And 5 Loaves Of Bread

When Matt Wieters Retires, Eutaw Street Will Be Renamed For Him Because Of All The Home Runs That Land There. So Will Camden Street, Howard Street, And Pratt Street.

Matt Weiters Is Not Trying Out For The Baltimore Orioles, The Baltimore Orioles Are Trying Out For Matt Weiters.

Matt Wieters Took Batting Practice Today, And Wouldn’t Give It Back.

In The Future, MVP And HOF Selections Will Be Made By The Baseball Wieters Association Of America.

Most Ballplayers Talk About Themselves In The First Person. Rickey Henderson Talked About Himself In The Third Person. Matt Wieters Talks About Himself In The Fourth Person.

A Pitcher Shook Off Matt Wieters…Once.

In Last Season’s Finale Of Lost, Ben Didn’t Move The Island, Matt Wieters Did.

Matt Wieters caused Chuck Norris’ beard to leap off his face and run for cover.

Brian McNamee injected Roger Clemens in the tush with Matt Wieters’ saliva.

Congress convened a special session to discuss Matt Wieters awesomeness, and the next day the recession was over.

Twitter allows Matt Wieters to use as many characters as he darn well chooses.

Did you hear about the California woman who gave birth to eight children? Let’s just say Matt Wieters knew about her before you did.

Children had the option fo going to Six Flags and Disney World and seeing Matt Wieters. All choose Matt Wieters.

All fences will be 49 feet tall due to Matt Wieters, and we will still hit homeruns over them.

Matt Wieters is now responsible for the new tape measures that have 100 feet added then the previous one. 

Just because he was bored, Matt Wieters fired up his tricked-out Mayflower truck, drove to Indianapolis and brought Baltimore’s horseshoes back to town. 

 I have to say these are so funny


” Yah these are so funny!!!”



NOTICE: Up In Section 360 now has a mascot, the other Orangebird, he will now be something to keep your eye our for! 








MLB 08 THE SHOW Metropolitans vs. Red Stockings

I just finished playing a great game between the Red Sox and Mets on my PS2. It featured the pitching duel of El Deque vs. Tim Wakefield. The final socre was 4-3 Red Sox. He won it on a two run walkoff blast by Big (Boo-Boo) Papi to center. However the story for much of the game was Tim Wakefield’s knuckler, that ball could be in the strike zone and then be in the batters box. It was insaneIy funny at times was at times. For example Jose Reyes struck out on a Batters Box ball and looked like a 4 year old. In fact Wakefield plunked 4 guys (none were intentional different story if it was the Yankees) and had an very interesting line which included 10 K’s 13 hits and and 3 runs. But El Deque was doing pretty good himself. El Deuqe however in Bottom of the 4th hear was the sequence. Ortiz is at bat and the Mets have the shift were the 3rd baseman is at short. And what dp Papi do? He hits a hard grounder to where  David Wright would be. And the Left Fielder is also waaay to the riht and Papi gets a double. Then Manny hit a pop fly and it wasn’t exactly the distance Big Papi would tag on but he ran he looked like he was out but the ball was a kind of to the righ and then Wright gets it in time but misses the tag. Then the Opening Day 5th batter drove him in. Then in the top of the 7th Carlos beltran stepped in and OVERATED!!! Began and he struck out on the Knuckler which was on the Moon. The game gave the POTG award to Ortiz.



The AL East; The Uniform Change Division

Rather then talking more about steroids and A-Roid, how about another AL East subject. How you ever noticed the A.L. East is the only division where 80% of their teams have changes their uinforms since 2000. The Orioles this year the Blue Jays in 2003 and again in 2004, the Red Sox this year and the Rays last season. But guess who hasn’t made a uni change: the Yankees. In fact I don’t think that the Yankees will ever change their uniforms. Also except for the Red Sox all of the teams have changed the unis after a losing season (Not sure about Toronto) And in the Rays case it worked pretty well for them. Ain’t that interesting.  Here are the links for the each teams unis.

Rays Uni Link:  http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=2535

Orioles U.L.:  http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=52

Red Sox U.L.:   http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=53

Blue Jays U.L.:  http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=78

Logo History Part II

Now it is time for the Red Sox.



I break the history of Red Sox logos into two sections w/o sock and w/sock. Next up is the Yankees folowed by the Rays and then the Blue Jays.