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Series Preview: Blue Jays May 1st-May 3rd

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This a thing I’m going to do before every series starts.

  • Best Series Record:11-2 in 79 and 80
  • Worst SR: 1-12 in 87
  • Most Runs O’s: 23, 23-1, 9-28-00
  • Most Runs Jays: 24, 24-10, 6-26-78
  • Longest Winning Streak: 15, 9-8-78 through 9-6-79
  • Longest Losing Streak: 13, 4-11-99 through 5-10-09


The Orioles have an all-time record 213-239. The Orioles won the series in the 70’s and 80’s but after that it has been Blue Jays.

Last season we were .268 against Toronto, but considering the fact that Burnett isn’t with them that has to make a difference.

The Birds had an ERA of 5.46 against the Blue Jays.

Brian Roberts: .308 BA, 20 H

Adam Jones: .250 BA, 15 H, 4 HR

Nick Markakis: .385 BA, 25 H, 3 HR

Mark Henderickson: 4.85 ERA, 2-6

Brad Bergesun: never played against Jays

Jeremy Guthrie: 2.66 ERA, 1-2

George Sherill: 7.71 ERA, 2 SV

Note: All of these are last year’s stats

ORIOLES FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Jeremy Guthire has never thrown a shutout, Koji has thrown 9 getting all of them in his first 5 years with the Giants.