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I Didn’t Have A Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy SPD (St. Patricks Day) Now as you can see I’m not big on SPD. I like an eco-friendly shade of green, but St. Patricks day Green is not my color. And evidence again that teachers don’t ever look at the calendar: we had our first day of MSA testing!


Now the MSA’s are MD State Assesments,(how unlucky!!!!!) which are as far I’m concerned are the Middle School SAT’s. It’s on-level stuff though which is good because I’m in G/T. We statrted the math part today. Now here’s why this test is pure evil: you can’t read or doodle when your done.


Instead you have to sit quietly. So I did the following: thought about my pending trade with Melissa, thought about my bracket, balanced my protractor on my lips and then hung around my ear, pretended my ruler was baseball bat and hit air homeruns. It was boring as were that devil lives (you know where I’m talking about) It’s pretty much a test to figure out rather our school is more idiotic or smart.

 File:Einstein1921 by F Schmutzer 4.jpg 



Happy Hanukahh, I mean Festivus

St Pattys Graphic

I’m still not big on the holiday.And I did wear green, its on the stripe of my sweatpants! 



I have always wondered why does MLB Shop sell this:

Baltimore Orioles Basic Kelly Green 59FIFTY Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

I’ve always thought that St. Patrick’s day gear were odd. Would you want to have something which I doubt the O’s will ever actually wear. Or this:

Baltimore Orioles Authentic Alternate Performance 59FIFTY On-Field Cap - MLB.com Shop

Or to get nostalgic this:                         Baltimore Orioles 1966-74 Cooperstown Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop 


I’ve seen a lot of red Sox fans wearing stuff like this:

Boston Red Sox Basic Kelly Green 59FIFTY Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

Why does anyone wear this? Or this:



Boston Red Sox Basic Blue 59FIFTY Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

It looks a Brooklyn Dodgers hat! Now I can understand pink hats but this stuff is waay odd. I ask why does anybody want to wear this stuff. Speaking of old time baseball why not wear one of these:


Boston Red Sox 1931 Home Cooperstown Fitted Cap - MLB.com Shop

My point is there are better hats then St. Patty’s Day hats.


The Ken won again. Today’s question you actually have to put some work into it. Name 6 guys for a food beverages team. I’ll get you started: Cookie Rojas.

Pic Crdits: MLB Shop