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Orioles Opening Day 2009

I think yesterday might of been the best Opening day I’ve ever attended. The O’s won 10-5, I got to boo Texeria with passion, there were more O’s fans then Yankee fans, and we got revenge for this

with this

Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon is unable to make a play on a two-run home run by Orioles shortstop Cesar Izturis in the eigth inning.

This post will be divided into 2 main subjects- fan atmosphere and the actual game


The Yard was packed. In fact it was highest attended Opening Day in O’s, this confuses me. All of the previous Opening Days were sellouts, so what up with that Doc?




For the first in it feels like forever there was more

An Orioles fan boos Severna Park native and New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira.


Yankees fans cheer for their team on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

(Total IQ for those guys over/under 80)

And I was among the many doing this

Craig Haughton boos Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira as he bats in the fifth inning.

Ever since he crossed the t’s in his name and dotted his i, myself and most of Birdland wanted to boo him so badly!!! His first at bat the boo’s were going constantly they stopped when Jeremy was in his windup and began the second Gregg caught it.

There was constantly YANKEES CUSK!!!! Chants only they were saying the actual word. Also they were playing rock and roll part two (the hey song) and guess what they were doing, clearly most O’s fans are also fans of UMD. 


Vice President Joe Biden throws out the first pitch on Opening Day at Camden Yards.


There was a delay to start the intros and the game due to rain. (Bummer Teixeira didn’t melt)

Fans scramble for cover during a downpour just before the start of Opening Day ceremonies at Camden Yards.

First the evil empire

Severna Park native and New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira is introduced to a chorus of boos from Orioles fans on Opening Day.


And your Baaaaaltimorrrre Orrrioles managed by Dave Trembley

Orioles outfielder Felix Pie is introduced during pregame ceremonies at Camden Yards.

Pitcher Koji Uehara jogs through a line of Orioles flags during player introductions on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

Orioles manager Dave Trembley is introduced during pre-game festivities on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

Players are introduced before the Orioles' season opener against the New York Yankees.

Then the actual game started.

 Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie delivers the first pitch of the 2009 season to New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

CC got off to a rough start

Yankees starter CC Sabathia allowed six runs and eight hits in 4 1/3 innings against the Orioles. He had five walks and no strikeouts.

(Something tells this a ball.)

B-Rob was making him mental, he gets on first then gets in the pitcher’s head and it all go’s downhill. Alos for reasons unknown Mora batted 4th. Here is one of several mound visits Jorge made

 Yankees starter CC Sabathia talks with catcher Jorge Posada during the Orioles' season opener at Camden Yards.

“My Grandma, what a big belly you have”

In first B-Rob was sent on when he should of stayed


And this occurred

The Orioles' Brian Roberts (left) is tagged out at home by Yankees catcher Jorge Posada in the first inning.

In the third, the Yankees scored one but Orioles got three runs on Adam Jones triple that brought in two

The Orioles congratulate Brian Roberts (1) after he scored in the third inning on a two-run triple by Adam Jones.

Then the O’s “I want to marry him” Man Nick Markakis flied out but Adam Jones tagged up and scored to put the O’s 3-1. Then in the 5th, the O’s scored another 3 despite the fact all of Ribbies were walks and grounders (Yay small ball! 🙂  Then in 6th Jorge Posada (who’s fielding was dreadful for the game) unleashed all of his force in the more round 108-seamed mass and sent it over the wall.

 Jeremy Guthrie watches Yankees catcher Jorge Posada round the bases after hitting a solo home run in the sixth inning.

Then the Yanks handsome man Xavier Nady hit a GRD (ground ruled double)  which brought in Robinson Cano (he’s named after Jackie so you have to give him credit) making the score 6-3. Then the next inning Chris Ray came in (he should never pitch against them. He gave up A*Roid’s walkoff grand slam in ’07) (Foreshadowing right here!!) and guess what happened

 Orioles reliever Chris Ray wipes his face after giving up a 2-run homer to New York's Hideki Matsui in the seventh inning.

He gives up a two run blast. Then the Yankee fans are optimistic again which is never good then my boy (until you-know-who is up) the Salad Man (my nickname for him)


Makes a great diving stop right in the middle of the infield, throw to first Jeter beats it out but Nady underestimated the Salad Man. He ran towards home and was doomed he didn’t even attempted to play pickle

and just stood there and waited for Melvin or Greg (I forgot who) to tag him. Then the signature moment the reverse Jeffery Maier homer.

 Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon can't haul in an eighth-inning home run off the bat of Cesar Izturis.

(different angle)

Cesar Izturis rounds the bases after hitting a home run in the eighth inning.

If the O’s were at NYS after that hit you could most likely here a (commemorative first game) pin drop. That alos brought in Gregg Zaun.

Gregg Zaun (left) celebrates with Cesar Izturis after Izturis' two-run home run in the eighth inning.

I have to say Zaun had a good game he was getting good quality hard swings. I half jokingly suggested to Ztaknek that if he keeps hitting like that then when Wieters is called up he’ll DH most of the time. I did suggest in my post Orioles Spring Training III that they should DH him.

 Also everybody in the bullpen not named Rivera is horrible espicaly the Coke guy (Ztaknek’s Opening Day post is going to make jokes about his name)

 Then the Brim Reaper (the ‘tron was doing a movie and there was a logo that said that) came in to close the door. He did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it was party time!!!

Luke Scott (left) congratulates Orioles closer George Sherrill after the Orioles' 10-5 win over the New York Yankees on Opening Day. Sherrill allowed no runs and no hits in the ninth, preserving the win for the O's.

“Nice save” “Hey Luke aren’t you glad the O’s got rid of Bedard and Tejada and got us?” “Yes!”

Orioles first base coach John Shelby congratulates center fielder Adam Jones after the O's 10-5 win over the Yankees. Jones was 3-for-3 with three runs, two RBIs and a triple.

“Way ta go son!”

Overall it was quite fun and I wish the crowds for these games were always so excited into the game.


MLB Preview: Orioles

I’m going to start writing team previews. I shall begin with the O’s.

Orioles Preview


Key Additions: UTIL Ty Wiggington, OF Felix Pie, P Rich Hill, P Koji Uehara, C Greg Zaun, UTIL Ryan Freel, SS Cezar Izturus

Key Losses: P Daniel Cabrera, P Brian Burres, C Ramon Hernandez

The Baltimore Orioles were one of the most busy teams in terms of free agency. Seven key additions. However the Yankees signed the two main free agents the O’s were bidding for: Mark (insert cuss that ends in ing here) Texeira and A.J. Burnett. I along with pretty much every other O’s fan out there would pounce on Texeira gear. However the Orioles moved on and Andy McPhail made some nice moves. He changed up the rotation. I’m so glad that he got rid of Hernandez and Cabrera. Cabrera as the O’s Fred Manfra and Joe Angel describe him as: A girl with curly hair. It’s either is really good (say the time he had no-no against the Yankees through 6 or 7) or really bad. He always made me nervous. And Ramon Hernandez was a slow poke. He never seemed like he was hustling. However his back up Guillmero Quiroz was always hustling. The Orioles also did two things to really boost their revenue. Change uniforms which result in big time cash for those who want to get the up to date gear and they also signed a Japanese player. And according to my fellow bloggers who have Dice-K or someone else they take tours and hold up signs that nobody can read. 

The Orioles farm system is freakishly gifted. They have Matt Wieters!!! This guy will be the O’s version Evan Longoria. Speaking of the Rays the O’s have plenty of similarities. First they changed their uniforms, second they have a big name prospect waiting in the wings. I strongly believe that the O’s can be this year’s Rays. 

The rotation of the Orioles got treated like a child with a easily breakable toy. They break keep some of it then put it back together. But the thing is is the toy put back together nicely does it stay in it’s awful shape. I think it’s pretty good. You have Jeremy Guthrie who could be a Cy Young winer. NO I’M NOT OVEREXAGERATING!!!Then you have the guy who I’m really starting to take a liking to.  Koji Uehara (上原 浩治). Like I said earlier this guy will get a lot of fans. I going to have to bring a cheat sheet with basic Japanese phrase in English and Japanese for things like Get A Strikeout Koji!! 

The Orioles outfield seems like an outfield that could be one for the record books. You have Nick Markakis who somehow hasn’t won a Gold Glove, Adam Jones: the crown jewel of the Berdard trade and the tag team of Scott and Wiggington. Thats an outfield loaded with potential.

The infiled is solid too. You have a palyero f the month at third, a gold glover at short, and All-Star at second and a guy who hit for the cycle at first that makes the infield sound pretty good. The thing is those guys are Melvin Mora, Cezar Izturus, Brian Roberts and Aubrey Huff. With the aqusition of Izturus the O’s found a reliable shortstop. Last year I’m not sure which there were more of, shortstops starting at sunday home games or wins at Sunday home games. 

The backstop is the main interest. The $1,000,000 for me and every O’s fan. When is Matt getting called up!!!! Here’s a trivia nugget. Gregg Zaun is related to Orioles broadcaster, WS MVP and ex first-base coach Rick Dempsey. 


Lissi won trivia yesterday with Ichiro and So Taguchi. I wasn’t expecting So Taguchi nor did I know that!! Today is a 4 out of 10.

Who gave up George Brett’s famous/infamous pine tar homer?