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Fantasy Baseball T&O

Believe it or not yesterday was my first live-draft! Ztaknek and I are co-managers. We had a theme, as evidenced by our roster: get closers and guys who can put up 30/30 numbers like Matt Holliday. Here is our roster:


Matt Wieters

, Bal C


Conor Jackson

, Ari 1B, LF


Howie Kendrick

, LAA 2B


Chipper Jones

, Atl 3B


Ryan Theriot

, ChC SS


Jose Lopez

, Sea 2B


James Loney

, LAD 1B


Matt Holliday

, Oak LF


Adam Jones

, Bal CF


Nick Markakis

, Bal RF

OF Ken Griffey Jr., Sea CF, RF


George Sherrill

, Bal RP

P Tim Wakefield, Bos SP

Koji Uehara, Bal SP


Brandon Webb

, Ari SP


Carlos Zambrano

, ChC SP


Jeremy Guthrie

, Bal SP


Francisco Rodriguez



Kerry Wood

, Cle RP 

Then there’s the Joe Blows and Bob Blobs who aren’t worth mentioning.

Observations and Thoughts:


  • Dang, I’m getting a lot of saves
  • I’m an O’s fan, thus there’s no Yankees on my team, unlike some people… (Ztaknek wouldn’t let me draft one, I suggested draft and trade and he still said no) Here’s a metaphor which even my non-baseball friends thought was funny “Red Sox fans drafting Yankees, that’s like God drafting Satan” You either think this is funny or it offends you, I apologize those whom I offended.
  • Bob, you really should keep quiet, you suggested Griffey and I got him, you could of kept that thought ot yourself and got him. Ztaknek wouldn’t let me say anything about Matt Wieters.
  • I got a lot of steals including the best closers who don’t play for Big Two (You know who I’m talking about) and Tim Wakefield. With the way Julia was drafting I thought he was her’s! Also we have a whole slew of O’s like Matt Wieters, Koji, Jeremy Guthrie and Adam Jones. However I badly want B-Rob!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you want Julia!!!
  • When Grady was drafted right before Melissa, where was a group reaction of WOW!!!! Now I would not except the trade because she has two Yankees in the offer. Speaking of trades I propose the Alyssa Milano deal: Grady for Matt Holliday.
  • Julia had a very interesting draft. ( I say interesting when I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.)
  • I thought I fielded a good team that can beat anyone when they’re hot.
  • People must of thought that we were nuts drafting Matt Wieters, just you wait until he bats .340 and is smacking the ball all over the ballpark.





MLB 08 THE SHOW Metropolitans vs. Red Stockings

I just finished playing a great game between the Red Sox and Mets on my PS2. It featured the pitching duel of El Deque vs. Tim Wakefield. The final socre was 4-3 Red Sox. He won it on a two run walkoff blast by Big (Boo-Boo) Papi to center. However the story for much of the game was Tim Wakefield’s knuckler, that ball could be in the strike zone and then be in the batters box. It was insaneIy funny at times was at times. For example Jose Reyes struck out on a Batters Box ball and looked like a 4 year old. In fact Wakefield plunked 4 guys (none were intentional different story if it was the Yankees) and had an very interesting line which included 10 K’s 13 hits and and 3 runs. But El Deque was doing pretty good himself. El Deuqe however in Bottom of the 4th hear was the sequence. Ortiz is at bat and the Mets have the shift were the 3rd baseman is at short. And what dp Papi do? He hits a hard grounder to where  David Wright would be. And the Left Fielder is also waaay to the riht and Papi gets a double. Then Manny hit a pop fly and it wasn’t exactly the distance Big Papi would tag on but he ran he looked like he was out but the ball was a kind of to the righ and then Wright gets it in time but misses the tag. Then the Opening Day 5th batter drove him in. Then in the top of the 7th Carlos beltran stepped in and OVERATED!!! Began and he struck out on the Knuckler which was on the Moon. The game gave the POTG award to Ortiz.