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This Is Going To Be Fun!

Game two of the Battle of the Beltways begins tonight! Woo Hoo, we get beat the Nats for fun!

Now what exactly makes this game so fun?

There’s actually four reasons!

#1- Free Nick Markakis jerseys!

That’s right free Nick Markakis jerseys


Baltimore Orioles Authentic Personalized 2009 Road Cool Base Jersey - MLB.com Shop

Only the one they are giving out are the black BP ones! Awesome

#2- Field of Dreams on the “Tron!

That’s right Field of Dreams is going to be played on the Jumbotron!

Some of my favorite quotes

If you build it, he will come.


The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh… people will come Ray. People will most definitely come.”

Shoeless Joe Jackson: Hey, is this heaven?

Ray Kinsella: No, it’s Iowa.


Ray Kinsella: The voice is back.

Annie Kinsella: Oh, Lord… you don’t have to build a football field now, do you?


Annie Kinsella: What if the Voice calls while you’re gone?

Ray Kinsella: Take a message.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: The last two have been high and tight, so where do you think the next one’s gonna be?


Archie Graham: Well, either low and away… or in my ear.


Shoeless Joe: He’s not gonna want to load the bases, so look for low and away. But watch out for in your ear.


<embed src="http://www.hulu.com/embed/bu1sWIuZp1a-TC8uWN4B-w/0&quot; width="512" height="296" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" http://www.hulu.com/embed/b2v_vaX-FqgEBEP_ZiZyMQ


We Messed With Texas!!

The Orioles beat the Rangers last night! Koji was okay but then again, it’s Texas. Ztaknek was a bit upset when the Rangers scored one of their runs to reduce the O’s lead, he replied “It’s Arlington


runs are scored like OctoMom has babies”

Also something more important happened (drumroll):

Orioles starter Koji Uehara delivers during the first inning against the Texas Rangers. Uehara allowed seven runs and seven hits but picked up the win for the O's.


And our top of the order could take us to the playoffs and no I’m not drinking thi
sorange orioles kool-aid.jpg B-Rob, Blinky Jones (get it), and Nick are putting up great numbers. It’s no coincidence that HBTO has two out of the three (we missed B-Rob and in Julia’s one good pick  several good picks she got him) I’m very excited for what’s to come!


I have a league of MLBloggers who are doing Survivor, you pick a winner for one game and you try build a streak of wins, Aaron is currently the leader. I sent out an e-mail invite to most of you. I accidently made the league private and the pswrd is mlblogs, the link to the league


My First Time Travel Post and Message From A Pigeon

This post will be dated November 12th 2008.

Great news out of Birdland!!!!

Orioles unveil new look to uniforms

Subtle changes made to logo; Maryland patch added to jersey

BALTIMORE — It’s a new look and a new identity. The Orioles unveiled several changes to their uniform and logo Wednesday, most of which are designed around underlining the team’s presence in the local community. All three of Baltimore’s uniforms will include subtle changes to the logo and a Maryland patch on the sleeve.

Greg Bader, Baltimore’s director of communications, said that the changes have been in the plans for almost a year now and that they originated with Peter Angelos, the team’s managing partner. Bader also said that the Orioles hoped to re-position their brands in a way that emphasized their deep-seated roots in Baltimore.

“We’re always re-evaluating our brands and we’re proud to represent our local fans and area,” he said of the changes, which include restoring the word Baltimore to the team’s road jersey. “And with these moves, we hope to connect to the community, to honor the 55-year history of our franchise and to also look to the future.”

The Orioles estimated that 2,500 people turned out for the ceremony, stopping the normal business routine of Baltimore’s Harborplace and the Gallery, a shopping mall located at the Inner Harbor. Black-and-orange was everywhere, from balloons tied to railings to banners attached to the various overhangs on each floor.

Local broadcaster Jim Hunter served as the emcee for the proceedings, and several of the team’s current players served as models for the new uniforms. Staff ace Jeremy Guthrie was on hand for the event, as was third baseman Melvin Mora, outfielders Adam Jones and Nick Markakis and relievers Dennis Sarfate and George Sherrill.

“It’s good to have this kind of support here for something like this,” said Sherrill, the team’s closer. “Hopefully we can take this, make some moves and take the fever into Spring Training. … We didn’t know how many people we’d get, but a lot of people took time off work to come out and take their lunch break. It’s good to see.”

Perhaps the most notable effect of the re-design is the initiative to replace the team name with the city’s on the road jerseys, a script lettering that quite literally spells out the place the Orioles call home. That element had been missing for decades, causing local fans to openly call for a road jersey that emphasized their home city.

Franchise icon Jim Palmer and current star Markakis were the first to model the new road duds, which were met with a thunderous ovation from the gathered crowd. Palmer and former first baseman Boog Powell welcomed the return to the familiar look, which hadn’t been seen around Baltimore in more than three decades.

“I’m very proud of this uniform,” said Palmer, a Hall of Famer. “It’s the only one I ever wore.”

“It’s a very special moment,” added Powell, who has stayed connected to the team through his barbecue concession at Camden Yards. “I put [this uniform] on for some 17 years and I get just as big a thrill putting it on this morning.”

And the Orioles have not only restored their home city’s name to their jerseys, they’ve also returned to a more familiar uniform. Baltimore’s jerseys and pants will include a simple element of striping that hearkens back to uniforms from days gone by, and the team’s hats will include small changes to the team’s familiar logo.

The team’s Oriole logo will be offset with white in its chest, a coloring detail that should play well with its jersey colors. Baltimore will wear white pants and white jerseys at home and grey pants with grey jerseys on the road, but there will also be a black alternate jersey that the team can wear either at Camden Yards or at away games.

For complete article, see:





There certainly was a movement for this that started I’d guess a season or two ago. They put Orioles on the road jerseys primarily because the Senators moved out and they were everybody’s team. But guess who moved in the Nationals, so I would say that was main reason the fans wanted it. If you look at the new B-more and the old one there is a difference; see for your self:



Baltimore Orioles 1966 Road Jersey - Brooks Robinson 00297_#05



The lettering is different. Look at the O on Nick’s jersey it’s the same lower case O in the Orioles logo in bottom left… they’re the same! They also have made some minor modifications and additions, like the lower case “L” looking more like script than the old jerseys. They also have a new main logo

However this logo looks just like the logo they had for a couple seasons with the first of the four, count ’em four realsitic birds. They also added a patch which looks like they copied from the Purplebirds:

It also has the coat of arms of the Calverts, which is on the flag of my homestate.





Orioles Spring Training III

 Congrats Koji!!

Koji Uehara made his debut vs. real Major Leaguers and faired well. He allowed only one hit on bloop (which also wasn’t caught because LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE got blinded by not science but the sun.) In two innings. The Orioles also had another first, guess what they were wearing:

Orioles starting pitcher Koji Uehara throws during the first inning against the Florida Marlins in Jupiter, Fla.

The Black Baltimore!!!!!

Matt Wieters As A DH!?!

Matt Wieters also had a good game with a stolen base, got a hit and scored as a DH. So much for my Manny as DH idea:< Now that I think about it he could DH and get more acustomed to MLB pitching since I think he has catching down, it also gives Zaun sometime so that way the O’s don’t waste money and it reduces Matt’s chance of injury if he only hits.

 Florida Marlins shortstop Robert Andino (left) attempts to tag out Orioles designated hitter Matt Wieters at second base in the second inning.

 Other Pitchers

The Orioles also pitched Hayden Penn and Jake Arrieta. The remember Hayden Penn he was called up had an 8 run outing and was sent to Norfolk or Ottawa. I wish him well and hopefully he can actually stay in Baltimore for more then a week or two. And Jake Arrieta who I’ve heard of but I have no idea why. Here is his page on MLB.com.

Manny and Scott Boras are Insane

No explaniation needed

Pic Credits: Baltimore Sun


The Ken/Ztak Nek won the George Brett question. Today is 7 out of 10: How many game seven walkoffs have there been. And name three of the guys who actually hit them. Hint- Not just homers!! Hint- More then three walkoffs

Yay I’m On Latest Leaders and Other Stuff

I swear this came as total surprise Julia had the latest leaders on her blog and went through it so quickly that I didn’t see UIS360 then I look again and wala I’m number 27!!!! Now I need help only guy pops into my mind when for the Number 27 and He’s purplebirds Running back Ray Rice Hey he’s not to bad. For those of you just discovering my blog I also like the ravens and will bring them uop here and there. And I did Google number 27 baseball players and the only thing I got was a 27 inch baseball bat. Help me I got nothing. Also today is the birthday the best Orioles first baseman I’ve ever seen. (I saw when I was baby I didn’t say remember) and the guy with baseball card that is worth more Windows (I think.) You should know who they are and check this out I customized a couple of jerseys.




Happy Fat Tuesday. Surprsingly this Holiday was not named for CC Sabathia or Prince Fielder. Tomorrow is Lent which in my opinion is slightly odd.


I also am now doing a trivia thingy like Julia. Todays question gets a two out of ten diffuculty.

The Orix Blue Wave had what famous Japanese player that crossed seas?   

The AL East; The Uniform Change Division

Rather then talking more about steroids and A-Roid, how about another AL East subject. How you ever noticed the A.L. East is the only division where 80% of their teams have changes their uinforms since 2000. The Orioles this year the Blue Jays in 2003 and again in 2004, the Red Sox this year and the Rays last season. But guess who hasn’t made a uni change: the Yankees. In fact I don’t think that the Yankees will ever change their uniforms. Also except for the Red Sox all of the teams have changed the unis after a losing season (Not sure about Toronto) And in the Rays case it worked pretty well for them. Ain’t that interesting.  Here are the links for the each teams unis.

Rays Uni Link:  http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=2535

Orioles U.L.:  http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=52

Red Sox U.L.:   http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=53

Blue Jays U.L.:  http://sportslogos.net/team.php?id=78

Orioles Spring Training

This marks my first entry with the topic of spring training. I have several topics which I want to discuss.

Koji Uehara (上原 浩治)

Koji Uehara will gives the Orioles many benefits. I’m not just talking about being a solid #2 starter. I saw this on ABC 2. At spring training there was more Japanese media then the there were guys like Spencer Fordin. Then the lightbulb went on: Japanese fans are awesome in the business perspective. First of all there will be higher attendence and the O’s better get those Uehara jerseys and t-shirts because they will be selling like hot cakes. Also I will keep my eye out for signs like: 幸次上原はすごいです!!!! Which I think says Koji Uehara is awesome!!! The fact that Orioles have a Japanese guy is important. I think that if you have a guy like that then you’ve reached a level. it make you feel like a big time team if you can get your hands on a guy like that.


01KojiUehara.jpgMore Nice Unis

I noticed this after looking at the pictures form spring training the new BP unis look nice. They added a little white trim. And names on the back on the uniforms and they ahve a road BP uni which they also can wear as a road alternate. However if they’re going to do that take out the part around the armpit area and make it black and for the hat how about the cursive B rather then the O’s.  And they both pop. The before and after pics.





Matt Wieters

I would love to check this guy out. However I’m not going to Norfolk. The comparison which I’ve heard are hitting wise Mark Texeira (hope his personality isn’t like them) and as a catcher I’ve heard Piazza. In the words of N.J.B. Adam Sandler “Not to Shabby.” This guy could be our Evan Longoria. And when gets called up there will be a Matt Wieters T-shirt tuesday. (OBTW T-shirt tuesday is a promo to give out young guys t-shirts. Last year there was Adam Jones, Luke Scott ect., ect.,)

pic credits

all jerseys:  http://www.sportslogos.net/team.php?id=52

Koli Uehara: I forgot 😦