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Guess Who’s On SI

This is awesome!!! The Yankees are jinxed don’t believe me, well here’s why.

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Citi Field and New Yankee Stadium (in a video game)

Here are the videos to Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium.

My Notes on the NYS video.

  • 0:35 The guys who will draw the most boos on Opening Day
  • 0:37- 44 If the camera adds 10 pounds to somebody, the PS3 subtracts 30 pounds. (Guess the motion suit couldn’t fit somebody that large.) Also check out the square clock!
  • 0:57 A suite, a patio and M.P. WOW!!
  • 1:03 That’s cool that the game has that
  • 1:09 Notice they left that gap in right