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We Messed With Texas!!

The Orioles beat the Rangers last night! Koji was okay but then again, it’s Texas. Ztaknek was a bit upset when the Rangers scored one of their runs to reduce the O’s lead, he replied “It’s Arlington


runs are scored like OctoMom has babies”

Also something more important happened (drumroll):

Orioles starter Koji Uehara delivers during the first inning against the Texas Rangers. Uehara allowed seven runs and seven hits but picked up the win for the O's.


And our top of the order could take us to the playoffs and no I’m not drinking thi
sorange orioles kool-aid.jpg B-Rob, Blinky Jones (get it), and Nick are putting up great numbers. It’s no coincidence that HBTO has two out of the three (we missed B-Rob and in Julia’s one good pick  several good picks she got him) I’m very excited for what’s to come!


I have a league of MLBloggers who are doing Survivor, you pick a winner for one game and you try build a streak of wins, Aaron is currently the leader. I sent out an e-mail invite to most of you. I accidently made the league private and the pswrd is mlblogs, the link to the league