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Manny Ramirez Used HGH He Admits

Up In Section 360 has scored an exclusive interview with Manny Ramirez about his hair growth hormone use.

Here is that inteview.

UIS360: Mr. Ramirez is it true that you used hair growth hormone with the Red Sox.

Manny: First I would like to establish I’m here to talk about the past. Yes I did use HGH.

Several sources say that use statrted using HGH in 2002 is this true.

I missremember that because I was young, foolish and stupid.

Who providied the HGH?

My third cousin who has a timeshare in Guam and knows the Pope.

How was the HGH given, in a pill through a syringe or something else.

It was in the shampoo there was 2 varities Ice Cream and Clear Breeze. I chose Ice Cream.

What is the name of yor pope knowing cousin?

Я жажду напиток

I’m sorry what did you say.

Я могу видеть Аляску от моего дома

Okay now there are references to Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and A-Rod. Lets see who can identify where each reference is. By the way I couldn’t resist including Sarah Palin. Guess what Я могу видеть Аляску от моего дома means. I can see Alaska from my house. 🙂




Bobbleheads On Steriods!!!!

I like collecting bobbleheads. However I have a nasty habit of getting bobbleheads of people from the Mitchell report. LOL! I have the following guys bobbleheads: Jay Gibbons, Brian Roberts, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and A-Rod/Fraud/Roid. I also have a figurine of Rafeal Palmerio and a McGwire figurine. However my collection does have some clean guys. Amazingly I never got a Tejada bobblehead.  A Cal Ripken three pack, Ichiro, Earl Weaver having a mound discussion with Jim Palmer, Melvin Mora, Nomar and Piazza.


A-Roid Entry

I along with about every blogger who hasn’t been under a rock since Saturday is saying what they have to say about A-Roid. I (partially because I’m a Yankee hater) had a funny feeling he had something. I didn’t buy anything in the Canceso collection but I always knew something was up. Look at him when he was with Seattle and when he was with Yankees and their certainly is a difference. Lifting more weights doesn’t get you that big in a decade or so. However he did admit that he was doing it. He was stupid, naive and a bunch of other negative adjectives. Now he has a lesson to teach the kiddies. However he did claim that Selena Roberts did criminal type activities which is hard to beleive.   

 I knew that nobody was safe from steroids after the Mitchell Report came out and who was on the list: hospital visting, always hustling Brain Roberts.  He was the kind of guy you would never think uses that stuff.

 Speaking of the Orioles I’m going to Opening Day against the Yankees and the Yard is going to have more Yankee hatred then usual. They have A-Roid who was never liked in Baltimore. Then there’s Texeira, he will be booed more then A-Roid for he could have been a hometown hero and sign here but no he signs with the filthy rich Yakeees. In that same series is A.J. Burnett the hometown hero Plan B is Texeira didn’t sign then he was their backup plan but he also signs with the Yankees. Oh boy that wil be fun.

    The Orioles have had their share of Roids or suspected guys:

  • David Segui
  • Miguel Tejada
  • Sammy Sosa
  • Raffy Palmerio
  • Larry Bigbie


And probably more guys who I didn’t mention. 

 This a brief list of people who the extremely doubt use steroids

  • Howard (unless donuts are banned substances)
  • Manny (The Manny Being Manny code of conduct doesn’t include needles)
  • Jeremy Guthrie 
  • Cole Hamels
  • David Wright
  • Pedroia
  • Lincecum

I’m curious to see the reaction at school to this. I am in the younger tier of bloggers but I’m not doing any of that “They were role models but now they’re just selfish jerks” stuff. I don’t know what to say about the game’s image. How about America’s image. From some one out there who’s non-American there thoughts must resemble ” The U.S. isn’t doing so well. Their American past time has issues with people using drugs and thier famous swimmer also has a problem with drugs. “What’s next that Obama fella also has a problem with drugs.”  Needles scare me. I wouldn’t take a needle anywhere for any reason unless it’s a vaccine.