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News Item My Take… Again

News Item: Japan defeated Korea (the one that doesn’t have this man as ruler)

for WBC Champions.

My Take: Something tells that the lack of spring training with MLB clubs (I think the teams only have 6 or 7 guys in Majors combined) helped since they we’re building team chemistry longer then the U.S. was and that must of helped somehow. Also from what I’ve heard Japan vs. Korea is a international sports rivalry that sounds awfully similar to that of these enemies buddies:


(sorry I couldn’t find equal sized flags) That’s right it sounds like they have US- Soviet hatred, however considering the fact neither team was horrendous I can’t make this comparison:


Seriously, America needs to get more excited about hockey.

Related News Item: Japan defeated the U.S. in the semis to win.

My Take: To get more people more excited and/or interested they should do it a week after the WS. That way more people can be availible. For example the rotation of the US if very good, but not totally dominate. I, Orangebird after having a discussion with Jordan ( I was talking to myself) realized there were two really good pitchers not playing:


I know Cole was injured and I’m not sure what’s the deal with Lincecum, but if this were played post-WS, I’m pretty sure those guys would be playing, the Nt’l team rotation lacks a true big name pitcher no offense Roy Oswalt and Jake Peavy, but that is not the best the U.S. can offer, and that’s the truth!

News Item: The Orioles rotation after Jeremy and Koji has candidates for the remaining spot that I’ll let UMD student section describe (except for the beat the H%#$ out of you part:


They are not very good. However they will have one heckuva lineup with B-Rob, Nick, Adam Jones (BTW that trade is starting to be called the Adam Jones or George Sherill deal) and you know who

I’m starting to get (I think it’s called) a mancrush on him. Trust me that is a dangerous lineup. Here’s a stat worth mentioning: the Orioles were the last team to get shut out lats season.

Related News Item: Guys like O’s beat writer Peter $chmuck (it astriks me if I have a normal S) claim that Orioles have one of the best bullpens in years.

My Take: They certainley have a good point. We have long relievers like Albers and my favorite pre-Matt prospect Radhemmes Liz and Dennis Sarfate who all can come in if the 3, 4 and 5 guys start not doing well and the relievers can give 4 or 5 innings. We also have a very good lefty specalist in Jamie Walker. Then we have the back three the setup man for the setup man, the setup man and the closer.

In the seventh we have Jim Johnson, another good young pitcher, the eigth Chris ray who was our closer unti he had TJ surgery:

And there’s Super Platypus George Sherill our closer. Why is he called Super Platypus take a look-sees

He reminds me of of the Tigers closer who retired Todd Jones where a save would be like:

Double, walk, K, walk, GIDP. He would get it down but this would occur:


I fell bad for the girl.

Bye, More Pop Art Soon


My WBC Idea

What if the MLB had a WBC so to speak.

Here’s what I have Pool A:

Angels, Dodgers, D’Backs and Padres Games At: SBC Park/AT&T Park

Pool B:

Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Red Sox Games At: Nationals Park

Pool C:

Cubs, Tigers, Cardinals and Brewers Games At: Great American Ballpark

Pool D:

Astros, Braves, Mariners, White Sox Games At: Ballpark at Arlington

Second Round: McAfee Collisuem and Dolphin Stadium

Semis and Finals: Wrigley Field (if Cubs alive then Fenway) (if Red Sox and Cubs in final then Yankee Stadium)

What do you think. (The team placement is based on preseason 2008 attributes) 


WBC Thoughts and Observations

Netherlands vs. DR

  • How about Sidney Ponson, I never knew he was Dutch did you?!?
  • The Dutch like orange both their baseball and football (you know which one) teams wear it.
  • Two ex-Orioles playing who I don’t want back: Tejada and Ponson.
  • Where was Vlad Guerero?
  • The Dutch won with one small ball inning.
  • The  DR has trouble with Orange teams us and the Dutch.
  • Pedro looked good, somebody sign him!

US vs. Canada

  • The hockey fans must also like baseball, that place sounded like a hockey rink.
  • It’s ironic the US was the home team in Canada!
  • I never knew Russell Martin was Candian!

Panama vs. Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico has some good catchers: Pudge, the Molinas, and Soto.
  • Sign of Armagedon: Pudge stole a base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did anybody notice that Puerto Rico actually had ads on their uniform!
  • The San Juan stadium as well as the other stadiums have green screens behind home plate for ads.
  • Mo Rivera is there for Panama as a cheerleader! Play him!

Pool A

  • Due to the fact that all the games were in the morning I can not observe for a specific game.
  • Most of the countries in this pool don’t like each other, Japan and China are best friends and so are Chinese Taipi and China.
  • What happened to those Chinese Taipi little league teams, were have those 12 year olds gone?
  • Breakfast and Baseball is awesome!

USA vs. Venezula

  • The US should of made a bet with Venezula if the US wins they get free oil!
  • I didn’t know Melvin Mora was Venezulaen.