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I found this on mlbshop.com, they have rivalry t-shirts for some of the main rivalries.

Sox and Yanks

Pro Yanks

New York Yankees

“Yah like that’ll ever happen!”

New York Yankees

back reads: Hardware. There’s no better feeling than a ring on your finger. The YANKEES have more rings than you can shake a Sock at. 26 to be exact. Oh..one more thing, it’ll take the RED SOX 394 years just to match our current total.


“Amazing the fans know math!!!”

New York Yankees History Lesson T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

back reads: Since 1923 the Yankees have racked up 26 World Series trophies and the Red Sox have 7 since 1903. Hey Red Sox Nation, what are you doing for the next 235 years? It’s going to take that long just to match our current total

Pro Red Sox

 Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

 “They followed directions!”


Boston Red Sox Mascot Chase T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

Cubs vs. Brew Crew

Pro Cubs

Chicago Cubs Mascot Chase T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

Rays vs. Yankees

Pro Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

Phils vs. Mets

Pro Phils

Philadelphia Phillies Mascot Chase T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic - MLB.com Shop

No Orioles shirts were on sale I busted out CustomInk

Retrieve beatnysox NowRetrieve beatnysox Now

I’m confident, not cocky!

“Well winning the World Series would be good!”

Texas is Messing With Us 😦

The Orioles have 3 straight games to those Rangers

“Sorry Orangebird, I made a woopsies. it’s okay other Orangebird”

in both the games the Orioles had a chance to win the game but they lost


In the first game George Sherill proved how nerve wracking he is when he gave up a homerun to Micheal Young

“Micheal not Vince! Sorry Jordan”

That gave them the victory in the ninth. Then yesterday Ian Kinsler got his macher on!

“What’s a macher? See my dad’s blog http://jewsonfirst.mlblogs.com/

He had a very impressive line, that gave them the W 

More Humor

I found these on http://www.mattwietersfacts.com/ and these are so dang funny


Matt Wieters Is So Good That Jim Palmer Stopped Talking About Himself.

2,131? How About 3,131? Wieters Laughs In The Face Of Injury.

Matt Wieters Took Batting Practice This Morning. There Were No Survivors.

When A Pitcher Plunks Matt Wieters, The Ball Is Awarded First Base For Enduring The Pain.

Chuck Norris Won’t Attend Orioles Games Because He’s Afraid Of Matt Wieters.

Matt Wieters Invented The Chicken…And The Chicken Sandwich.

Matt Wieters Signed Autographs Today For 5000 People Using 2 Fish, And 5 Loaves Of Bread

When Matt Wieters Retires, Eutaw Street Will Be Renamed For Him Because Of All The Home Runs That Land There. So Will Camden Street, Howard Street, And Pratt Street.

Matt Weiters Is Not Trying Out For The Baltimore Orioles, The Baltimore Orioles Are Trying Out For Matt Weiters.

Matt Wieters Took Batting Practice Today, And Wouldn’t Give It Back.

In The Future, MVP And HOF Selections Will Be Made By The Baseball Wieters Association Of America.

Most Ballplayers Talk About Themselves In The First Person. Rickey Henderson Talked About Himself In The Third Person. Matt Wieters Talks About Himself In The Fourth Person.

A Pitcher Shook Off Matt Wieters…Once.

In Last Season’s Finale Of Lost, Ben Didn’t Move The Island, Matt Wieters Did.

Matt Wieters caused Chuck Norris’ beard to leap off his face and run for cover.

Brian McNamee injected Roger Clemens in the tush with Matt Wieters’ saliva.

Congress convened a special session to discuss Matt Wieters awesomeness, and the next day the recession was over.

Twitter allows Matt Wieters to use as many characters as he darn well chooses.

Did you hear about the California woman who gave birth to eight children? Let’s just say Matt Wieters knew about her before you did.

Children had the option fo going to Six Flags and Disney World and seeing Matt Wieters. All choose Matt Wieters.

All fences will be 49 feet tall due to Matt Wieters, and we will still hit homeruns over them.

Matt Wieters is now responsible for the new tape measures that have 100 feet added then the previous one. 

Just because he was bored, Matt Wieters fired up his tricked-out Mayflower truck, drove to Indianapolis and brought Baltimore’s horseshoes back to town. 

 I have to say these are so funny


” Yah these are so funny!!!”



NOTICE: Up In Section 360 now has a mascot, the other Orangebird, he will now be something to keep your eye our for! 









Weaver Ball!

Yankee fans across the MLBlogsphere are wondering “How the *&#$ are we losing to the

*#$%#ing Orioles, the Orioles!!” Somebody thinks it’s Nick Markakis and wants to kidnap him!!! (this person shall remain unknown, but her name rhymes with rain dweller). However do not blame him. Blame one notable Hall of Famer, Mr. Earl Sidney Weaver.


“That’s the worst call I’ve ever seen!!!!”

Why blame Earl Weaver if he’s not managing. Well, I’ll tell you why: the O’s are playing Weaver Ball. Now you may ask, what is Weaver Ball? Well, Weaver Ball is pitching, defense and the three run homer. Those were the things the great Earl liked seeing most. And let me tell you, the O’s are playing Weaver Ball!!

Exhibit A. Fielding- take Monday; Cesar Izturus  Salad Man makes a diving stop, throws to first, the runner is safe, then Huff – seeing Nady is going home – throws to Zaun who stops Nady in his tracks and throws back to Melvin to get him out and kill the Yankees rally chances. That’s excellent and unselfish fielding. Also, take the O’s outfield. We have two of the fastest outfielders:

and they gobble up everything!!!! In fact, ESPN the Mag called the Camden Yards outfield “Where triples go to die.” (sounds like a quote from Field of Dreams).  And by no means are the Yankees fielding like that; their outfield has as much speed as a

(if you ask me that turtle is orange!!)

Exhibit B. PItching – In the Orioles first two games we have had great starting pitching while the Yankees had their 160 million dollar baby cry as he pitched awful on Opening Day and then have their Asian pitcher get outdueled by ours. In case you don’t believe that pitching wasn’t part of Weaver ball I have something to say: take a look at these pitching stats.

However no three run shots have been hit… YET  

My Orioles demand some respect!!!

One last thing, another reason why we are this year’s Rays- last year many had the Rays to finish in fourth place and many this year predict that we will finish fourth. 




Tonight Koji Uehara


will make his MLB debut against Ching Mang Wang


and the Evil Empire Yankees

Three Words: Asian Media Frenzy  


It’s probably going to be 2am in Japan yet those dedicated fans will deprive themselves of sleep to see Koji and Hideki. I’m not sure if those from Wang’s country (??Taiwan??) are that big fans, they might be.

The Orioles are going to giveaway his T-Shirt on Tuedsay the 21st as part of a promo T-Shirt Tuesday were they give out the T-Shirt of a guy who’s doing well but his T-Shirts aren’t avalible.   

Koji Uehara T-Shirt Tuesday 

Last year they did it for Adam, Lu(uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)ke, Super Platypus Sherill and other guys.

I look forward to watching Koji’s debut.

Orioles Opening Day 2009

I think yesterday might of been the best Opening day I’ve ever attended. The O’s won 10-5, I got to boo Texeria with passion, there were more O’s fans then Yankee fans, and we got revenge for this

with this

Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon is unable to make a play on a two-run home run by Orioles shortstop Cesar Izturis in the eigth inning.

This post will be divided into 2 main subjects- fan atmosphere and the actual game


The Yard was packed. In fact it was highest attended Opening Day in O’s, this confuses me. All of the previous Opening Days were sellouts, so what up with that Doc?




For the first in it feels like forever there was more

An Orioles fan boos Severna Park native and New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira.


Yankees fans cheer for their team on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

(Total IQ for those guys over/under 80)

And I was among the many doing this

Craig Haughton boos Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira as he bats in the fifth inning.

Ever since he crossed the t’s in his name and dotted his i, myself and most of Birdland wanted to boo him so badly!!! His first at bat the boo’s were going constantly they stopped when Jeremy was in his windup and began the second Gregg caught it.

There was constantly YANKEES CUSK!!!! Chants only they were saying the actual word. Also they were playing rock and roll part two (the hey song) and guess what they were doing, clearly most O’s fans are also fans of UMD. 


Vice President Joe Biden throws out the first pitch on Opening Day at Camden Yards.


There was a delay to start the intros and the game due to rain. (Bummer Teixeira didn’t melt)

Fans scramble for cover during a downpour just before the start of Opening Day ceremonies at Camden Yards.

First the evil empire

Severna Park native and New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira is introduced to a chorus of boos from Orioles fans on Opening Day.


And your Baaaaaltimorrrre Orrrioles managed by Dave Trembley

Orioles outfielder Felix Pie is introduced during pregame ceremonies at Camden Yards.

Pitcher Koji Uehara jogs through a line of Orioles flags during player introductions on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

Orioles manager Dave Trembley is introduced during pre-game festivities on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

Players are introduced before the Orioles' season opener against the New York Yankees.

Then the actual game started.

 Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie delivers the first pitch of the 2009 season to New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

CC got off to a rough start

Yankees starter CC Sabathia allowed six runs and eight hits in 4 1/3 innings against the Orioles. He had five walks and no strikeouts.

(Something tells this a ball.)

B-Rob was making him mental, he gets on first then gets in the pitcher’s head and it all go’s downhill. Alos for reasons unknown Mora batted 4th. Here is one of several mound visits Jorge made

 Yankees starter CC Sabathia talks with catcher Jorge Posada during the Orioles' season opener at Camden Yards.

“My Grandma, what a big belly you have”

In first B-Rob was sent on when he should of stayed


And this occurred

The Orioles' Brian Roberts (left) is tagged out at home by Yankees catcher Jorge Posada in the first inning.

In the third, the Yankees scored one but Orioles got three runs on Adam Jones triple that brought in two

The Orioles congratulate Brian Roberts (1) after he scored in the third inning on a two-run triple by Adam Jones.

Then the O’s “I want to marry him” Man Nick Markakis flied out but Adam Jones tagged up and scored to put the O’s 3-1. Then in the 5th, the O’s scored another 3 despite the fact all of Ribbies were walks and grounders (Yay small ball! 🙂  Then in 6th Jorge Posada (who’s fielding was dreadful for the game) unleashed all of his force in the more round 108-seamed mass and sent it over the wall.

 Jeremy Guthrie watches Yankees catcher Jorge Posada round the bases after hitting a solo home run in the sixth inning.

Then the Yanks handsome man Xavier Nady hit a GRD (ground ruled double)  which brought in Robinson Cano (he’s named after Jackie so you have to give him credit) making the score 6-3. Then the next inning Chris Ray came in (he should never pitch against them. He gave up A*Roid’s walkoff grand slam in ’07) (Foreshadowing right here!!) and guess what happened

 Orioles reliever Chris Ray wipes his face after giving up a 2-run homer to New York's Hideki Matsui in the seventh inning.

He gives up a two run blast. Then the Yankee fans are optimistic again which is never good then my boy (until you-know-who is up) the Salad Man (my nickname for him)


Makes a great diving stop right in the middle of the infield, throw to first Jeter beats it out but Nady underestimated the Salad Man. He ran towards home and was doomed he didn’t even attempted to play pickle

and just stood there and waited for Melvin or Greg (I forgot who) to tag him. Then the signature moment the reverse Jeffery Maier homer.

 Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon can't haul in an eighth-inning home run off the bat of Cesar Izturis.

(different angle)

Cesar Izturis rounds the bases after hitting a home run in the eighth inning.

If the O’s were at NYS after that hit you could most likely here a (commemorative first game) pin drop. That alos brought in Gregg Zaun.

Gregg Zaun (left) celebrates with Cesar Izturis after Izturis' two-run home run in the eighth inning.

I have to say Zaun had a good game he was getting good quality hard swings. I half jokingly suggested to Ztaknek that if he keeps hitting like that then when Wieters is called up he’ll DH most of the time. I did suggest in my post Orioles Spring Training III that they should DH him.

 Also everybody in the bullpen not named Rivera is horrible espicaly the Coke guy (Ztaknek’s Opening Day post is going to make jokes about his name)

 Then the Brim Reaper (the ‘tron was doing a movie and there was a logo that said that) came in to close the door. He did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it was party time!!!

Luke Scott (left) congratulates Orioles closer George Sherrill after the Orioles' 10-5 win over the New York Yankees on Opening Day. Sherrill allowed no runs and no hits in the ninth, preserving the win for the O's.

“Nice save” “Hey Luke aren’t you glad the O’s got rid of Bedard and Tejada and got us?” “Yes!”

Orioles first base coach John Shelby congratulates center fielder Adam Jones after the O's 10-5 win over the Yankees. Jones was 3-for-3 with three runs, two RBIs and a triple.

“Way ta go son!”

Overall it was quite fun and I wish the crowds for these games were always so excited into the game.

My Mini-Review of Confessions of a She-Fan

My little sister and I went to a massive playground and across the street is B&N (Barnes and Noble) and while in B&N I remembered that I wanted to check out Jane’s book:

However I wasn’t interested in purchasing it yet (I’d welcome an autographed copy, hint hint) Seriously if Jane can hook me up, I’d gladly give the info needed to send it. I was curious to hear her thoughts on:


My homepark. I first read Chapter 17 cont. I like the quote, “He [Cal Ripken] is god there”

Well Jane, he was getting extra special treatment because as mentioned elsewhere in the book, 2007 was the year that he got inducted into the HOF!

Ztaknek still likes Brooksie better even though he saw Rip’s (as the real fans call him) whole entire career. I thought that there were some great quotes in this chapter.  Here are a few of them:

“He [A-Rod] must be seriously constipated.” 🙂

“They look at me as if I have six heads.”

Jane I would be in the lookee category not the looker. There are some idiots nearby at times.

And she mentions the Sunday game in that series which had a rain delay and they showed Cal’s induction speech.


I remember being at that game!!!!!!!! I really don’t have photographic memory but when it comes to baseball, I think I just might. I remember just walking around the lower deck walkways to pass time and stay dry.

Also there was a quote that wasn’t in either of the two OP@CY sections. She met an obnoxiouss Red Sawhx fan and she was talking to Jane. Let’s just say I the think these two guys could of had a better conversation:

Or at least Jane made it seem like it. She also had a quote in that happy conversation which I liked. “The Baltimore fans know what it’s like to win…” I don’t since I can’t remember a winning season but Ztaknek does.

Now moving on to Week 26. The 2nd best quote in the book. Jane asks O’s legend Boog Powell, (seen scoring in the 1970 World Series against Hall of Famer Johnny Bench and the Reds)

Who do you like in the postseason? He looks at her t-shirt with that evil symbol,



And what was Boog’s reply? ” Not your team!” That’s a nice one Boog!

And something else, which caught my eye.  For the Sunday game in a series she had seats in Section 360 BB and if you look at my URL you’ll notice it gives the section, row and number of that seat. And CC is one row above BB. It’s entirely possible I saw her, but I didn’t take a photo anything like that. Actually the real best quote in the book comes from Mr. She-fan or Michael.  “We’re in Canada not Afganistan, ” Overall an excellent book however I didn’t buy it primarily since it had a high price at the B&N I was at and my Dad didn’t have any money.