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Last night I had heckuva time at the Yard.



He hit it! He hit it! Matt Wieters first home run was hit last night and I saw it and I CALLED IT!!!!!!!!

 Matt Wieters hits his first major league home run, a two-run shot against the New York Mets.

“YOU DID?!?!?!?”

Let me explain, my dad said something similar to “C’mon Matt get your first RBI tonight!” I replied “How about his first RBI and his first homerun in this at bat” And bam the

 Configuration ~  ~ 7353110

(Tim Kurkijan called him that!)

Clobbers one out of the park! His first Hr and his first two RBI’s. After all

Configuration ~  ~ 7295588

So I’m not surprised, since he does bat with

Configuration ~  ~ 7207067


Configuration ~  ~ 7258485

Did you know that

Configuration ~  ~ 7296023

He ate his

Configuration ~  ~ 7353125

And no doubt that helped! He was probably checking his favorite website

Configuration ~  ~ 7353008


“Were can you get these designs?”


“Thank you!”


Oh yeah did the mention Matt gave a curtain call!

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters tips his cap to the fans after hitting his first major league home run.



And got he free pie!


Matt Wieters gets two shaving cream pies in the face while during an interview after the Orioles' 6-4 win over the Mets. Wieters hit his first major league home run in the second inning.


Rookie catcher Matt Wieters gets two shaving cream pies in the face while giving an interview after the Orioles' 6-4 win over the Mets. Wieters hit his first major league home run in the second inning.

“Y’know if I were Matt Wieters I would go after Adam!”‘


It also just so happened that I was wearing MW shirt that I got on Sunday!


For the first time all season I got to see Koji pitch! he had a typical Koji outting: His pitch gets high quick and he comes out after 4 or 5 and then bullpen blows it!

Orioles starter Koji Uehara allowed seven hits and two runs in five innings, taking a no-decision in the Orioles' 6-4 win over the New York Mets.

“Does Dave hate Koji, it certainley seems like it!”

I don’t like pitch counts!!!!!!!!! They mess up way to many outings!



Nick Markakis had a great game, going 4 for 4! Infact this I really liked, there’s was a guy with a Greek flag!

File:Flag of Greece.svg 


He was in a slump but I don’t think Nick got the memo! 


I think the Greeks are so happy they’re going to paint Zeus’ temple orange!!!!


Aubrey gave us the lead on a two-run homer onto the flagcourt!

Aubrey Huff is congratulated by teammate Nick Markakis after his two-run homer in the seventh inning broke a tie at 4.



Well, I didn’t get to litterally meet the Mets, how ever we did get to them stretch, and they were so close! I actually got to see K-Rod and he’s short!! However I was surrond by Mets Fans!


“WOW, that’s scary, mets fans all around you, almost as bad as Yankee fans!”



Overall an awesome night!





We Messed With Texas!!

The Orioles beat the Rangers last night! Koji was okay but then again, it’s Texas. Ztaknek was a bit upset when the Rangers scored one of their runs to reduce the O’s lead, he replied “It’s Arlington


runs are scored like OctoMom has babies”

Also something more important happened (drumroll):

Orioles starter Koji Uehara delivers during the first inning against the Texas Rangers. Uehara allowed seven runs and seven hits but picked up the win for the O's.


And our top of the order could take us to the playoffs and no I’m not drinking thi
sorange orioles kool-aid.jpg B-Rob, Blinky Jones (get it), and Nick are putting up great numbers. It’s no coincidence that HBTO has two out of the three (we missed B-Rob and in Julia’s one good pick  several good picks she got him) I’m very excited for what’s to come!


I have a league of MLBloggers who are doing Survivor, you pick a winner for one game and you try build a streak of wins, Aaron is currently the leader. I sent out an e-mail invite to most of you. I accidently made the league private and the pswrd is mlblogs, the link to the league



Tonight Koji Uehara


will make his MLB debut against Ching Mang Wang


and the Evil Empire Yankees

Three Words: Asian Media Frenzy  


It’s probably going to be 2am in Japan yet those dedicated fans will deprive themselves of sleep to see Koji and Hideki. I’m not sure if those from Wang’s country (??Taiwan??) are that big fans, they might be.

The Orioles are going to giveaway his T-Shirt on Tuedsay the 21st as part of a promo T-Shirt Tuesday were they give out the T-Shirt of a guy who’s doing well but his T-Shirts aren’t avalible.   

Koji Uehara T-Shirt Tuesday 

Last year they did it for Adam, Lu(uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)ke, Super Platypus Sherill and other guys.

I look forward to watching Koji’s debut.

News Item My Take

News Item: Manny Ramirez actually signs a contract with the Dodgers 2 years 45 mil. 

My Take: Wasn’t he offered this 4 or 5 times before, well at least he actually signed at all, however I have no idea why but I thought the Giants were going to sign him. I still think he could DH for the Orioles! πŸ˜‰

News Item: The Orioles defeat the DR 6-1 with David Ortiz, Hanley Ranirez and Johnny Cueto actually playing.

My Take: This is very good for the Orioles, I have no ida how hard the Dr was playing but this certainley is promising, considering that they have good spring training record. And Koji Uehara is doing really well. Was the Rays’ record in spring training last season if it was good then you know where I’m going with this.

Related News Item: Japan beats China 4-0 in the first game of the WBC.

My Take: I now love WBC I wake-up and they actually have baseball on it’s youknowwhating awesome! There was this really bizarre attempted pickoff move, I litteraly said out loud ” What the heck was that!?!”

Related News Item: A-Rod needs surgery on his hip and will be out until Mid- May.

My Take: Yay! Now we concentrate our booing more to Texeiria and A-Rod will miss the Opening of NYS. 

News item: The Orioles are doing an O’s Ravens Draft Day Rally Cap Giveaway.

My Take: Eight words: Baltimore loves the Ravens more then the O’s, I saw this point made on http://www.bmorebirdsnest.com/ the blog that found “were gonna boo texeiria” Somebody maybe Joe Flacco was throwing out the first pitch and they asked ” When’s the last time you saw an O in an Ravens jersey.”


This is kind of like Julia’s question, what famous HOF manger has the middle name Sidney?




Orioles Spring Training IV and Picks

Where Playing the Domnicians!?!?

This is nuts tomorrow the O’s are playing the:

 Dominican Republic 2009 World Baseball Classic Replica Home Jersey - MLB.com Shop


The DR is playing us, are schedule makers out to get the O’s!! This ridculous the Orioles get one of the best teams in tourney, that’s not even good practice for the DR how abot the: Angels (SAF), Cubs, or Red Sox (PUR). The O’s did paly Cuba for a home and home and Ztaknek went to the game in the states but that was when the O’s were decent and Cal was on the team. I would want to play Canada but I have no idea why. Alos this is preety good for the O’s, in ’06 Koji Uehara had second best ERA among starters, and second best wins, you can guess who was first. When your second only to him that’s pretty good. And he was first in K’s and you’re putting K in his name, reeally. 


I dedicate my number 38 rating to Curt Schilling. one he beat the Yankees with a bleeeping bloody foot! And he fighting for to:



Plus here’s a trivia nugget he played for the O’s!!

Orioles Spring Training III

 Congrats Koji!!

Koji Uehara made his debut vs. real Major Leaguers and faired well. He allowed only one hit on bloop (which also wasn’t caught because LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE got blinded by not science but the sun.) In two innings. The Orioles also had another first, guess what they were wearing:

Orioles starting pitcher Koji Uehara throws during the first inning against the Florida Marlins in Jupiter, Fla.

The Black Baltimore!!!!!

Matt Wieters As A DH!?!

Matt Wieters also had a good game with a stolen base, got a hit and scored as a DH. So much for my Manny as DH idea:< Now that I think about it he could DH and get more acustomed to MLB pitching since I think he has catching down, it also gives Zaun sometime so that way the O’s don’t waste money and it reduces Matt’s chance of injury if he only hits.

 Florida Marlins shortstop Robert Andino (left) attempts to tag out Orioles designated hitter Matt Wieters at second base in the second inning.

 Other Pitchers

The Orioles also pitched Hayden Penn and Jake Arrieta. The remember Hayden Penn he was called up had an 8 run outing and was sent to Norfolk or Ottawa. I wish him well and hopefully he can actually stay in Baltimore for more then a week or two. And Jake Arrieta who I’ve heard of but I have no idea why. Here is his page on MLB.com.

Manny and Scott Boras are Insane

No explaniation needed

Pic Credits: Baltimore Sun


The Ken/Ztak Nek won the George Brett question. Today is 7 out of 10: How many game seven walkoffs have there been. And name three of the guys who actually hit them. Hint- Not just homers!! Hint- More then three walkoffs

Orioles Spring Training

This marks my first entry with the topic of spring training. I have several topics which I want to discuss.

Koji Uehara (上原 桩治)

Koji Uehara will gives the Orioles many benefits. I’m not just talking about being a solid #2 starter. I saw this on ABC 2. At spring training there was more Japanese media then the there were guys like Spencer Fordin. Then the lightbulb went on: Japanese fans are awesome in the business perspective. First of all there will be higher attendence and the O’s better get those Uehara jerseys and t-shirts because they will be selling like hot cakes. Also I will keep my eye out for signs like: εΉΈζ¬‘δΈŠεŽŸγ―γ™γ”γ„γ§γ™!!!! Which I think says Koji Uehara is awesome!!! The fact that Orioles have a Japanese guy is important. I think that if you have a guy like that then you’ve reached a level. it make you feel like a big time team if you can get your hands on a guy like that.


01KojiUehara.jpgMore Nice Unis

I noticed this after looking at the pictures form spring training the new BP unis look nice. They added a little white trim. And names on the back on the uniforms and they ahve a road BP uni which they also can wear as a road alternate. However if they’re going to do that take out the part around the armpit area and make it black and for the hat how about the cursive B rather then the O’s.  And they both pop. The before and after pics.





Matt Wieters

I would love to check this guy out. However I’m not going to Norfolk. The comparison which I’ve heard are hitting wise Mark Texeira (hope his personality isn’t like them) and as a catcher I’ve heard Piazza. In the words of N.J.B. Adam Sandler “Not to Shabby.” This guy could be our Evan Longoria. And when gets called up there will be a Matt Wieters T-shirt tuesday. (OBTW T-shirt tuesday is a promo to give out young guys t-shirts. Last year there was Adam Jones, Luke Scott ect., ect.,)

pic credits

all jerseys:  http://www.sportslogos.net/team.php?id=52

Koli Uehara: I forgot 😦