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Weaver Ball!

Yankee fans across the MLBlogsphere are wondering “How the *&#$ are we losing to the

*#$%#ing Orioles, the Orioles!!” Somebody thinks it’s Nick Markakis and wants to kidnap him!!! (this person shall remain unknown, but her name rhymes with rain dweller). However do not blame him. Blame one notable Hall of Famer, Mr. Earl Sidney Weaver.


“That’s the worst call I’ve ever seen!!!!”

Why blame Earl Weaver if he’s not managing. Well, I’ll tell you why: the O’s are playing Weaver Ball. Now you may ask, what is Weaver Ball? Well, Weaver Ball is pitching, defense and the three run homer. Those were the things the great Earl liked seeing most. And let me tell you, the O’s are playing Weaver Ball!!

Exhibit A. Fielding- take Monday; Cesar Izturus  Salad Man makes a diving stop, throws to first, the runner is safe, then Huff – seeing Nady is going home – throws to Zaun who stops Nady in his tracks and throws back to Melvin to get him out and kill the Yankees rally chances. That’s excellent and unselfish fielding. Also, take the O’s outfield. We have two of the fastest outfielders:

and they gobble up everything!!!! In fact, ESPN the Mag called the Camden Yards outfield “Where triples go to die.” (sounds like a quote from Field of Dreams).  And by no means are the Yankees fielding like that; their outfield has as much speed as a

(if you ask me that turtle is orange!!)

Exhibit B. PItching – In the Orioles first two games we have had great starting pitching while the Yankees had their 160 million dollar baby cry as he pitched awful on Opening Day and then have their Asian pitcher get outdueled by ours. In case you don’t believe that pitching wasn’t part of Weaver ball I have something to say: take a look at these pitching stats.

However no three run shots have been hit… YET  

My Orioles demand some respect!!!

One last thing, another reason why we are this year’s Rays- last year many had the Rays to finish in fourth place and many this year predict that we will finish fourth. 




Orioles Spring Training II

I’m back for more observations and stuff on the Orioles.

B-Rob’s New Contract

I can happpily say that the B-Rob is not leaving the Orioles any time soon. He signed a new 4 year deal with 10 mil per year. Brian Roberts is my favorite active player. He is the kind of guy you would build a team around. he hustles, fields well and is a base stealer. He also has vetarn expirence. I was concerned that he wasn’t going to be an Oriole when my dad and I were going to go Wrigley. Over the summer as a present my dad and I went Wrigley to see the Orioles and da Cubbies. If we were to be at Wrigley and B-rob in a cub uni that would be interesting indeed.

I have a couple reasons why he is my favorite player. I went to Spring Training one year in the 2000’s (McGwire was there.) and Brian signed my ball. This was before he was known well. Then when he was actually playing for the Orioles I liked the number 1 (BTW my lucky number is 11) on his jersey. And he always hustles and that other stuff I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

brianroberts.jpg“The Orioles Have Ryan Freel ?” 


The haven’t been paying a lot of atttention in spring training stuff. I was on the Orioles homepage and thye have a list of articles flashing and one was something like Ryan Freel Provides Veteran Bench Expirence and I thought to myself  “The Orioles Have Ryan Freel?” I then checked the depth chart and there were some guys who I had an “Oh Yeah ” reaction for. In fact Earl Weaver himself dissed Spring Training “No one’s gonna give a da** in July if you lost a game in March.”


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